The government was faced with er: what caused the crisis “soon” in France

In France, acute crisis services, “ambulance”. Wednesday, July 3, ongoing for more than three months of strikes by employees of “ambulances”, provoked by the complaints of congestion and lack of funding, was published another piece of alarming statistics.

We are talking about the data for 2017 — the latest official figures, which were published by the Ministry of health of France. In 2017, the ambulance service received 21 million 400 thousand patients — 2.1% more than the year before, when she was set “record”.

Over the last twenty years the number of patients “emergency” in the country has doubled. Thus, for example, the number of beds in emergency departments during this time decreased by 100 thousand and now there are slightly less than 400 thousand And even if in 2017, “soon” was added 800 day care beds, bringing the total number to 75 million, it is little to compensate for the acute shortage of seats, compounded by a shortage of medical staff and funding cuts.

In the last strike, which took place on Tuesday, July 2, according to the trade unions throughout the country took part 154 services ambulance (out of seven hundred odd, existing in France).

In Paris on 13 medics, strikers at the building of the Ministry of health, staged a protest “performance” and have made them insulin injections.

A delegation of the strikers at this moment was received by the Deputy Minister of health, during the meeting, the “special strength was not,” told AFP a source in the Department. The source of delegation of the protesters said that the Ministry “was shocked” after learning about insulin “action.” Condemned the “irresponsible” act and Mireille Stivala, head of the medical division of one of the largest labor unions the CGT (“General Confederation of labour”). “We are shocked, she said. — We can’t accept the fact that people endanger their lives on the slightest provocation, this is already crossing borders.”

In turn, Pierre Schwab, a nurse working in the hospital Vieille du temple in the Paris suburb of Clichy, told AFP that “insulin is needed in order to force the Ministry to do something, because it doesn’t do anything.”

However, for 13 employees of the ambulance, presnovka herself insulin, the Ministry has done what she could: she called the ambulance. Doctors refused hospitalization.

In any case, it’s the little things in the background of the scale of the problem. Alain Brunel, a Deputy of the National Assembly of France from the Communist party, in an interview with RFI said that the “situation is serious” and the government “must urgently” to find the means to reduce its severity.

Before coming on the air, the Deputy decided to “incognito” to check the work of the ambulance in his town of Douay (the region Of Haut-de-France). “I waited six hours before I took the doctor. And I said, you’re in luck,” says Brunel. However, he in any case does not question the professionalism and dedication of the staff doing “everything in his power”.

“Public hospitals are abandoned to their fate, the staff too… the Brave people who devote their lives, (…) would like to do what they were taught, but they often have no time for this and they don’t have enough money,” says Brunel.

Under the influence of strikes, the government allocated “soon” more than 70 million euros, of which a large part will go to pay (from 1 July) monthly awards to staff ambulances, but according to the Deputy of Brunel named the amount is “nothing”.

“It’s literally a drop in the ocean”, of the 70 million 55 goes to the payment of the “risk premium” of EUR 100 (per month), and 15 million to hire about three new employees, — the Deputy emphasizes. And explains why, in his opinion, 70 million is nothing, “Because under budget 2017 (from physicians) required to save 1 billion 600 million, and in 2018 another 900 million… And then said we give you 70 million.”

On the question of what to do, “to save the” French service “ambulance”, and how much money is needed, MP says: “first, immediately” “to allocate money to hire 10 thousand new employees… And to make prize of 300 euros… I think that it is quite normal requirements given the fact that medics have to do. (These requirements) to facilitate the provision will facilitate the situation of patients. And, in addition, it will restore the faith — and the staff and patients. And this has no price”.

Minister of health of France Agnes Busen admitted: “for many health workers daily life became unbearable,” and proposed to start a “national level” to develop a “joint strategy” for “adaptation” of the French system of “ambulance” “new public health”.

“The Minister has proposed the establishment of another Commission… it is not necessary, we already have enough research,” responded the press Secretary of the Association of emergency physicians of France (AMUF) Christophe Prudhomme.

Employees of “fast” demand “urgent” hiring staff, creating new spaces for patients and higher wages. By the way, the starting salary for an EMT in France, according to Le Parisien, about 2600 euros. An experienced doctor with great experience receives several times more.
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