Ride 10 minutes: the new owner of McLaren 600LT stripped machine

17 Jun 2019 car enthusiast from Vancouver bought at a local car dealership’s new McLaren supercar 600LT and immediately decided to try the machine in the case. New owner clocked up 161 km/h (instead of the allowed 90 km/h), and then was stopped by the police.

All anything, here only according to the local legislation for such speeding provides for the confiscation of the vehicle. Thus, the 39-year-old motorist lost his supercar after driving just a few miles from the dealership.

Покатался 10 минут: новоиспеченного владельца McLaren 600LT лишили машины

To return your McLaren owner will be able only a week, after paying a fine of 368 canadian dollars (about 17 600 rubles). In his driving licence will bring three penalty points. If the quantity exceed 12, then the driver will leave temporarily without a license, and this, in turn, negatively affect the cost of insurance.

The latter will become more expensive to 384 canadian dollar (18 400 rubles). If the driver continues to exceed the speed when re-arrest the machine will be taken already in the period from 30 to 60 days, and the amount of the fine will increase to 700 — 1 200 dollars (from 33 to 58 thousand rubles).

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