Climate change has led to the deaths of 90% of coral reefs off the coast of Sri Lanka

Изменения климата привели к гибели 90% коралловых рифов у берегов Шри-Ланки

The increase in water temperature in the Indian ocean due to climate change led to the deaths of 90% of coral reefs off the coast of Sri Lanka, said the Sri Lankan head of Department on protection of the marine environment Terney Pradeep Kumara.

According to him, water pollution and illegal fishing methods also have a negative impact. In this regard, he urged to save the rest in the waters of the Republic of 10% of the corals, which may disappear by 2030, and transfer it to “specially protected areas”.

“We expect all government agencies, private agencies and environmentalists to unite and help the government to declare these (the survivors. — Ed.) the reefs are protected and will help to move the live corals in the deep areas to preserve them”, — quotes the words of Kumar, the Agency “Xinhua”, on Wednesday, 3 July.

All kinds of corals exist in a symbiotic relationship with microscopic algae that provide them with nutrients and energy for the formation of solid structures. In too warm waters these algae are rejected corals, which subsequently die.

In mid-March, it was reported that Italian scientists discovered a unique coral reef off the southeastern coast of the country, which according to the biodiversity and structure similar to the reefs of Australia and Maldives. This stretch of about 2.5 km at depths from 30 to 55 m near the town of Monopoli.
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