The power of a geyser in the Yellowstone Caldera knocked down a pole on the observation deck: geologists called unexpected reasons

In the scientific world announced the effects of sudden activation of Steamboat geyser, which is geographically located in National Park Yellowstone.

Notable is the fact that this incident coincided with the eruption of the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea. Some experts took this incident for a very trivial incident, but other experts considered this anomaly for an ominous warning. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First Polish specialist told about the consequences of the eruption of Yellowstone.

During one such adventure, the water was incredibly dirty, and from the geyser constantly flying stones a great distance with incredible force. That is why the Park staff refuse to be tourists in the area during similar tides.

It should be noted that in one such incident from the geyser flew boulder, the force of the blow which cut off the pole it was located on the observation deck. As even in summer the Caldera of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO flying snow, abundance of water flows in underground reservoirs causes severe activity Steamboat. However, apart from this tank the water under a geyser geologists have detected a strange source of heat.
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