Priorities for the Democrats

Voters sympathetic to the party, are primarily interested in topics of health, immigration, economy, climate change, education and tax policy.

According to the survey conducted by the publication USA Today and Suffolk University in mid-June, it is the answers to the corresponding questions for the voters to evaluate the candidates. For comparison, only 4% considered a key opinion on how to defeat President Donald trump, and 1% — interference in the electoral process.

Because you can mark a few points, 82% said that they will monitor the debates of candidates-Democrats, and 86% of this information will play an important role in determining whom to support, with 54% called it extremely significant.

Prior to this “confrontation” the leader was Joseph Biden (the share of his supporters made up 30%), for Bernie Sanders were ready to vote 15% for Elizabeth Warren 10% and for Pete Batterija — 9%, and for Kamala Harris — 8%. Cory Booker enlisted the sympathies of 2% of respondents, Julian Castro and John Hickenlooper was 1%, and the rest of the 20 applicants — and less. But it is worth noting that more than 50% said they never heard of the 6 candidates.

In General, Americans tend to bet on the victory trump — so the outcome of the elections see 49%, and only 38% believe that he will lose to any opponents. The confidence that the changes President is not going to happen, was expressed by 86% of Republicans and only 14% of Democrats.

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