The girl was born without limbs, but that did not stop her to learn to do everything myself

Girl, born without limbs, has not allowed his condition to affect his own independence as she can cook, write, photograph and even stitching.

Amy Brooks from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was born with a congenital defect that affects the hands and feet of children. The girl, who is now 37 years old, told BTV: “it is obvious that I have to do all things not like people with all limbs, but I can handle it, just different”.

Biological mother Amy was afraid that she would not be able to bring the girl, because she was prescribed several medications that did not happen. However, immediately after birth, her real parents abandoned her. They even asked the hospital staff to leave her in a room and not feed. Fortunately, almost immediately after that she was adopted by a loving family Brooks.

The girl says: “In the beginning the doctors really doubt that I will be able to become independent. But my parents did not accept it, so they always motivate me”.

Although nothing came easy for Amy, years later, she became more and more independent, and is now learning to drive.

Amy has his own YouTube channel called “How Does She Do It?” (How does she do it?), where it shows followers how to control daily Affairs without arms and legs. “My YouTube channel – not really what I wanted to do. It’s hard for me to be in front of the camera, but I thought it was another way to become a support for other people”.

All your videos Amy writes itself, as it can set up the equipment without help.

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She says: “I don’t know if I can call myself a photographer, but I like to take photos. For any work I use the chin, mouth and shoulder”.

Although she gets negative comments in the networks, most of the reviews are positive.

“I like to share my story with others, not because I think I’m doing something wonderful, but I think it’s important for other people that we all live on this planet just because”.

The greatest achievement of Amy at the moment – the ability to sew. “That’s what I thought, I can not do. This is a big challenge, but I like to sew”. Now she sews bags, sells on Facebook.

Her parents always wanted her to be independent, but never thought she would achieve such success. Amy’s mom Janet says: “I didn’t want to, she was tied to the sofa, but I did not dare to dream that she would become so independent and be able to perform many things, as she does now”.

“I can handle it, just different”: the girl without hands and legs, abandoned by my own parents, have made tremendous progress updated: July 8, 2019 author: Elena Abdulaeva
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