Duties destroy the business

Such development of the events complained Jason trice is President and CEO of Jasco Products company of Oklahoma city, who was among more than 300 entrepreneurs addressed the U.S. trade representative.

He stressed that the imposition of duties on goods from China has led to the fact that the costs for the purchase of imports increased by millions of dollars.

Jasco, which employs 400 people and manufactures electrical equipment for GE, Honeywell, Philips, Energizer and Disney — from night lamps and controllers for “smart homes” to cables. To buy such products in the networks Walmart, Target, Home Depot and on Amazon.

“Fees cause irreparable damage to our company — complained to the trays. — The desire of the administration to regulate aspects of external trade and international policy is creating an unpredictable and unnatural distortions in the market, which creates an unhealthy situation. They are set at a level that exceeds the profitability of the activities of Jasco, and if these losses can not be compensated, we simply start to operate at a loss”.

The problem is that virtually all of the company’s products are used released in China components, that is, it simply can not move the production base. It will take years and millions of dollars. And even if this happens, rates for consumers will increase — but it is clear that the wires for the appliances will cease to be in demand if they cost $ 30 apiece…
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