In the pyramid of Djoser found the remains of mummies sentinels: creatures guarding the peace of the Pharaoh and the gates to the afterlife

Researchers of the old artifacts was able to identify the remains of mummified creatures.

This discovery is the author of the Polish specialists. The find was witnessed in the vicinity of the pyramid of the ruler Djoser. It is likely that the mummified body could be the guards, who lay at the gates to the afterlife. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before they were loyal to the secret of the mummy of a Mongolian monk.

The road is a tunnel near the building. Excavations have also revealed dozens of mummies by the age of about two millennia. As you know, in the village of Sakkara, which is located on a 30-kilometer distance from the capital of Egypt, is the capital of the Ancient Kingdom.

It should be noted that primarily this is an area with buried the pharaohs I-VI dynasties. In turn, Djoser, as ruler of the third dynasty, ruled the country in the 2667-2648 BC.

In addition to the tunnel leading directly to the burial of Pharaoh above mentioned, there was a path to the room on the walls where you can contemplate the pictures of snakes and harpoons, which could be the attributes of ritual ceremonies. In the traditions of the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt it was said that originally the human soul struggles with evil beings, then the court and the endpoint of the journey is heaven.

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