The Parliament of Moldova has found a way to dismiss the Prosecutor General

MPs of the new parliamentary majority, the socialists and the representatives of the bloc ACUM, at the meeting on Tuesday, July 9, is considered only one issue — the resignation of the Prosecutor General of Moldova Eduard Harunjen. As a relatively legitimate tool for his dismissal, the deputies chose the path of adoption of the “statement of non-compliance with the conditions of the appointment of attorney General Edward Harungana”.

Noting irregularities in the appointment Harungana, deputies recommended to President Igor Dodon to send the attorney General to resign.
According to the law “On Prosecutor’s office” to terminate the powers of any Prosecutor can, including, if found at least one reason why a person can not be appointed to the office of the Prosecutor. In the case of public Prosecutor on this basis, it may dismiss the President.

From the parliamentary rostrum MP unit ACUM Dmitry Alaiba said the illegal persecution of the opposition, the arbitrariness and political bias of the Prosecutor’s office under the leadership Harungana. Also there were allegations about the pressure of the Prosecutor’s office to local authorities.

For his part, MP from the opposition Democratic party now Sergei Sirbu accused the Parliament of interfering in the work of prosecutors and the judiciary. “Whatever is said next, power on the independence of the Prosecutor’s office, nobody would believe you. I don’t think there is a Prosecutor who is willing to take this position, knowing that in this way Parliament can dismiss him,” said Sirbu.

Edward Harunjen in parliamentary debates was not involved. It became known yesterday that on June 7 he was hospitalized in the cardiology hospital of the state Chancellery. While Harunjen gave by phone review channel TV8, in which he said that his resignation “will throw Moldova three years ago, in the original position.”

The analyst Stella jantuan also broadcast TV8 said that to cleanse the state institutions from the appointees of the previous government should as soon as possible.

Stella jantuan: “Even if the leader of the Democratic party now is not in the country, it does not mean that it did not. The regime still there, it resists and will continue to resist. And if we are going to talk now about how we’re going to seek some legal points to let people know that something is changing through Harungana or dismissal of some officials from the Ministry of internal Affairs, which contributed to the seizure of the state, people do not understand this, because the problem is”.

The analyst believes that the new parliamentary majority in Moldova should act upon its own Declaration on the “capture state power”, which, according to jantuan, is “political-legal”document.

Stella jantuan: “Here is a legal and political framework in which to operate the current government. It has already been stated in this Declaration that the state is captured in nature: it suggests that paralyzed all government institutions, of course paralyzed and the system of justice. Neither of which the observance of justice and law, which allowed it to capture the state of the question. This is absurd. To deal with this system on the basis of those laws which made the former regime, in order to capture this state, to act within the framework of this system, it’s just absurd.”

Advisor to the Parliament speaker on legal issues fadei Nagacevschi said that the Parliament should clearly show the system who now runs the country.

Fadej nagachevsky: “We are looking for in the prosecution of honest and clean. I think there’s a big problem. I know that the person who is more than three years in the system, it is absorbed by it. We need to somehow revive this system, and all these movements are made in order for people to understand that things are changing. People are still afraid and do not believe. They think that the prosecution will win, that the judicial system wins the political system”.

We will remind that following the results of the next elections ACUM political bloc and the party of socialists announced on 8 June about the establishment of an interim coalition government Maia Sandu with the main task — to deliveryservice Moldova. The constitutional court, however, stated that the deadline for the formation of a ruling coalition had expired a day earlier, on June 7, which allowed the Democratic party not to recognize the new government. A week later, under pressure from the international community, PDM said that going into opposition, and the leader of this party Vlad plahotniuc fled the country.
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