Posted a video with two Loch Ness monsters

54-the summer inhabitant of Britain, John O Pathogen July 10, took video of two large creatures in the Scottish lake Loch ness. Was organized online broadcast, which was watched by a scientist Mikko Takala. The video can be seen in the distance two large moving in the water object, which can be those “monsters” of legend.

Опубликовано видео сразу с двумя Лохнесскими чудовищами

Fascinating creatures was finally filmed in Scotland, reports the Daily Mail. The footage shows how creatures move in different directions, and to count the effect of wind is unlikely.

“I was amazed to see two possible Nessie on the webcam. I think it’s a rare occasion to see this” – said O Pathogen. He was sure that it was two large – length 20 feet (about 6 meters) of living creatures.

Scientist takal, who was studying Loch ness for more than 20 years, noted that the activity of animals can be caused by warming waters in the lake. He thinks that the proof of the existence in the lake of the two unknown creatures, which can be part of a small family. Animals long time haven’t been so active is due to the slightly cooler climate, but changes in the waters could force them to swim to the surface and wait, said Takala.
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