Shelter — environmental threat?

The residents of the luxury district of San Francisco filed a lawsuit against the construction of a shelter for the homeless.

They claim that the project harms the environment.

Defendants are the city hall of San Francisco and the land Commission of California. The plaintiffs called for an examination before starting the construction of the building. The document States that “the shelter will attract more homeless people who openly do drugs and alcohol contribute to crime, publicly defecate and trouble”. In addition to the problem of the environment also noted that the draft may reduce the market value of housing.

The representative of the city attorney John coté notes that the city is considering a new lawsuit, but the project has already passed all the necessary checks, the authorities are ready to give people a roof over their head, while others are filing these frivolous lawsuits and trying to get away from the problem. Supporters of the shelter say that activists use the law on the quality of the environment as a Ruse to prevent the construction of shelters.

Planned construction is part of the project of the city authorities for the construction of shelters for the homeless. According to experts, about 7,500 people sleeping on the streets of San Francisco, and more than 1,400 people are waiting for a place for temporary shelter every night. Due to problems with housing affordability on the street forced to live and the people who have regular income. Usually they sleep in tents and cars.

Experts say that the problem of homelessness in the city escalated into a humanitarian crisis.
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