Pelosi urged the U.S. labor Secretary to resign

Alexander Acosta, being a Prosecutor was a bargain plea with the accused in child molestation millionaire

The speaker of the house representative Nancy Pelosi urged the Minister of labor Alexander stuffed Acosta to resign because of the deal on the plea that he, as Prosecutor, made with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a suspect in the corruption of minors. Pelosi also said that President Donald trump knew about this deal when stuffed Acosta was appointed a member of the Cabinet.

Pelosi posted a tweet in which he wrote that Acosta “should resign” because he signed with Epstein “unfair arrangement”, which “was kept secret from the brave young victims, making it difficult for them to achieve justice.”

66-year-old Epstein, known for his connections with influential figures, including trump and former President bill Clinton, was arrested last Saturday on charges of sex trafficking. Prosecutors say he lured to his home in new York and Florida minor girls and paid them for the provision of services of a sexual nature. On Monday, Epstein was brought before the Federal court in Manhattan and said that he did not recognize his guilt.

Meanwhile the official representative of bill Clinton said that former President “knew nothing” about the “terrible crimes”, which I suspect Epstine.

In November, the newspaper Miami Herald published a detailed analysis in 2007 concluded transaction about recognition of fault, which implies that Acosta, at that time held the post of lead Federal Prosecutor in Miami, was directly involved in the negotiation of the agreement with the lawyers of Epstein. The millionaire agreed to plead guilty to two counts of prostitution, to pay compensation to the victims, to be included in the list of persons who have committed crimes of a sexual nature, and to serve 13 months in prison. The greater part of this period, Epstein spent in his office because he was allowed to go to work. If Epstein convicted on advanced now charges, he faces life imprisonment.

Alleged accomplices Epstein granted immunity, and a plea of guilt was kept secret: never knew about her, even the girls, the corruption of which he was accused.

Federal prosecutors have identified 30 alleged victims, but the newspaper says it found 80 of the girls that Epstein had sexual relationships when they were between 13 to 16 years.

In connection with this article democratic lawmakers last year urged the justice Department to investigate the role of Acosta in the case of Epstein. This call was supported Republican Senator from Nebraska Ben Sass, who called Epstein “a monster”. In February, the justice Ministry began an investigation designed to install made whether the prosecutors violation of professional ethics in the case of Epstein. In the same month, circuit judge Kenneth Marra ruled that Acosta and his team broke the law on the rights of victims, hiding the transaction from the victims.

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