The child almost drowned in the pool, although there were adults. Post his mother became viral

“3 days ago, my son died.” With these words begins the post, which Maribeth Leeson from Tipton (Indiana) published on Facebook on Tuesday, July 23.

Recently Marybeth along with 5-year-old Adam was at the pool party. The boy wanted to swim, and Leeson was allowed, taking the son’s promise that he will not go far. She looked away for a minute, but it was enough that Adam slipped and went under water.

At first, nobody paid any attention the rest thought that the child is just playing. Even Maribeth did not immediately understand what was happening, and decided that it was someone else’s son checks to see how long you can hold your breath. Then she noticed that the boy in the shirt Adam was the only one of the children who come in with a t-shirt, and Adam couldn’t hold his breath.

“The lifeless body of my boy laying on the ground. — says the woman — I thought about his twin, about how he will be alone. I watched crying my 10 year old son, <…> whose lives were just destroyed: his eyes the brother died. My 3-year-old daughter <…> just looked at me in confusion. I was trying to figure out how to tell the husband that allowed our wonderful son from drowning?”

Fortunately, next was Christine moon is a registered nurse and a family friend. She immediately took matters into their own hands and gave the child first aid before until could not feel his pulse.

My son drowned 3 days ago. His limp, gray, lifeless body was pulled from the pool and it was every mother's worst…

Geplaatst door Maribeth Leeson op Dinsdag 23 juli 2019

“My head is spinning a thousand thoughts. says Maribeth — I thought that even if we save it now, it’s too late. I thought it will have until the end of days to keep connected to life support. I thought it took too long, [so we could help him]”.

“Everything that happened, lasted like forever. The ambulance was traveling painfully slow, <…> the road to the hospital was endless. But, in the end, my baby started to come around!”

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The next three days Adam spent in the hospital — and now finally is on the mend.

“I’m telling you this because it happened in the pool full of people. Pool full of adults. I read so many stories about children running down from my parents and secretly zabravshijsya in the pool, but could not think that this would happen when around people”.

“This could have been prevented. — emphasizes a woman I know is guilty. <…> I just told him to stay in the shallow water, until I go over a bathing suit for his sister. I thought that for 5 minutes nothing will happen: he didn’t go deep, and a number were adults <…> Sounds reasonable? And here and there”.

We're home! We actually got here last night. Adam is fantastic, outside of coughing and shortness of breath with too…

Geplaatst door Maribeth Leeson op Woensdag 24 juli 2019

Maribeth gives some tips to other parents.

  • “Before going to the pool, make sure that your children are not going to go into the water in the absence of a responsible senior. You know, it seems to be something taken for granted, but I am personally convinced that it is not enough when there’s just adults — but adults in the pool didn’t know how well my son swims”.
  • “Know what to look for a drowning child. Adam could not say that he is drowning. He wasn’t shouting floundered. He just went too deep and failed to swim”.
  • “Learn to give first aid. I know how to provide it and hope that you could, if someone hadn’t done it before. <…> I know that if I didn’t know how to provide first aid — that would help [Adam] actually, if we were alone.”

Since the publication of the post shared already 275 thousand people, and recently friends of the family started the GoFundMe fundraiser to cover the medical expenses of the boy. Maribeth warns that on the platform there are fraudsters trying to use the story of Adam in their interests — and asked to be those who decide to make a donation, very careful.

“3 days ago, my son died”: the Post mother whose son almost drowned in the pool, although there were adults, went viral updated: July 27, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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