Russian Boris Kipriyanovich solved the mystery of another life and where it is

21-year-old Russian Boris Kipriyanovich managed to make the Grand opening.

According to the young man, he knows a great deal where you can reveal the key to a whole new life. Due to the above discovery, the young man was nicknamed Malchik with Mars. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that the paws of the Sphinx hid a secret door.

As noted by Boris, the answer is found at the door of the Sphinx in Egypt. The previous stories of the boy struck the imagination of researchers, as it told who you were in past incarnations. According to the latest reincarnation, the physical shell of a boy was on the Martian surface. He reported that the inhabitants of Mars have unknown to humanity technology.

The kipriyanovich drew attention to the fact that the secret door in the Egyptian Sphinx is gralam for all mankind. In case of detection of a mysterious door, and then exposing mechanism, unblocking the entrance, the inhabitants of the Earth comprehended not only all the mysteries of our planet but the entire galaxy as a whole.

Most visions of the boy are a true implication, therefore, fiction or hoax facts can not be no speech. A vital site for people located near the ear of the Sphinx.

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