In anticipation of the tour: Paris suburbs is preparing to welcome the Tour de France

Sunday, July 28, the final stage 106 of the Cycling race Tour de France starts in 45 km South-West from Paris, in Rambouillet. Stage will start on the Esplanade, near the homonymous castle, for a long time served as the summer residence of French presidents. The correspondent of RFI figured out how the city is preparing to meet the Grand tour.

About a week before the final stage on the streets of Rambouillet, there was a special signs warning motorists that on July 28 they will have to look for a new Parking lot instead of the usual. Pedestrians also have to adjust their usual routes — a necessary measure, when the city hosts one of the major events in the world of Cycling.

The official start of the final stage of the Tour de France will be given near the castle of Rambouillet. Read more about how will take place this festival of Cycling, said the head of the tourist office of Rambouillet Sandrine Bertoncini: “on 28 July, 14:30 in Rambouillet will begin entertainment in Liberation square, square Marie Roux, on the Esplanade, opposite the castle, where the race officially starts. Near the castle and in the square félix Faure will have two giant screens. You will pass traditional advertising caravan, and then the athletes will be visible to all viewers”.

On the way to the starting point, the riders will pass on the two main shopping arteries of the city — the street of General de Gaulle and Rue Raymond Poincare. According to some estimates, in Rambouillet arrive about 30 thousand people to witness the launch. And this despite the fact that the permanent population of the city, according to the latest census, is just over 26 thousand people. According to Sandrine Bertoncini, to work on Sunday will be more staff travel foisa to better accept and to instruct all comers.

Administration Rambouillet organization of major events is nothing new. Up to a certain point in the town regularly hosted political events of national and international scale. The Rambouillet castle served as the summer residence of French presidents, here in 1975, was the first summit of the “big six”, and in 1999, has repeatedly organized the talks on Kosovo’s status. In 1966 and 2012 in Rambouillet started the final stage of the Tour de France also here repeatedly “checked out” the race “Paris — nice”, and at the end of August will also the Cycling race “Paris — Brest — Paris”. When such an intense program not surprising that, when we approach the building of the local municipality, not find the slightest hint of the coming event: no flags and pennants with the logo of the Tour de France or paper garlands. For the decoration of the city and the festive atmosphere is clearly the responsibility of individual residents, including, of course, owners of shops and cafes located at the distance of the race.

Especially on the General background stands out a jewelry store, Marie-Jasmine Galloni. The store owner said that they in Rambouillet opened recently and try as much as possible to engage in the life of the city: “We in Rambouillet recently — opened 9 April. Since we decided to participate in entertainment events held in the city centre and the Tour de France is an important event. We decided to decorate the Windows and appealed to the artist sir Otono, which have long been familiar. It works perfectly. He painted us a showcase at the beginning of the Tour de France, it seems, two days before the opening race. On Sunday there will be very crowded. I heard somewhere that it is expected about 30 thousand people. The 28th will not work, but we are not going to close the shutters completely, and covered so that painting was still visible”.

The artist who painted a jewelry store, Marie-Jasmine — Stephane Hotton. In certain commercial circles, his style is well known: he has repeatedly served as a mural for jubilee and promotions of such companies as Auchan, Leclerc, Simply, McDonald’s and Peugeot.

Actively involved in preparing the event and the owners of confectionery shops. Ghislain Granier — managing the sweet shop confectionery network De Neville in Rambouillet. She came up with the idea to organize on the occasion of the Tour de France competition, the winner will receive a prize with a value of 44 euros. “Enough to fill out a small form with two questions about the Tour de France and drop it in the trash. To participate it is not necessary to be a buyer. It is important to leave your contact details so I could contact the participant in case of winning. Prize — sweet hamper. It includes sweets, which I sell in the shop — cakes, pasta, chocolate and tea. Still will be a cardboard box in the shape of a Bicycle filled with sweets. All in a beautiful metal basket” — said Ghislain Granier.

If you walk the streets of Rambouillet, you can decide what’s more all waiting for the start of the final stage of the Tour de France the staff of the local newspaper Toutes les nouvelles: to the Windows edition of inside they glued a map of the Grand tour calendar, which counts down until July 28, the printed portraits of racers, dressed in a particular undershirt: Julien Alaphilippe in yellow, Peter Sagan in green, Egan Bernal is white (the reporter traveled to Rambouillet before Bernal Alaphilippe ahead in the General classification — approx. RFI). It is from the editions of Toutes les nouvelles residents learn about how to be held Sunday, July 28.

  • Countdown. Window regali local newspaper Toutes les nouvelles
    RFI/Anna Tikhomirova

  • Rambouillet. The editor of your local newspaper Toutes les nouvelles.
    RFI/Anna Tikhomirova

We will remind, last year participants of the Tour de France went in the direction of the Champs elysées from the city UY. He, like Rambouillet, is located in the Department of Yvelines. According to the newspaper Planète Cyclisme, administration Evelyn reached with the organizers of the Tour de France of the agreement on the fact that the start of the final stages of the race will be held in different parts of this Department until 2023.
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