Trainers will charge refrigerators

In Sacramento appeared institution in which simulators of human energy converted to electric — just like in one episode of the cult TV series “Black mirror”.

At first glance, it seems like an ordinary gym: placed treadmills and exercise bikes. Actually, it’s Dynamo-machines that generate electricity. For example, if you walk on a treadmill at a normal pace, energy enough to turn on the light bulb. And if the couple is practicing in the hall at least an hour will pedal on a stationary bike, enough power to one refrigerator worked all day.

To convert human energy into electrical energy has come up with ex-military and now a gym owner Jose Antonio Avin.

“We want people to know that they care not only about their health, body and mind, but also make the planet healthier. So they do, knowing that doing something good for the world, not just for ourselves,” he says.

The author plans to make his hometown of Sacramento is fully Autonomous, so all the electricity for consumption is produced in such gyms.
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