The moon revealed a giant hole through which can be seen deep space: images

Representatives of the research world was pretty surprised by the inhabitants of the Earth new discovery.

As it was established, astronomers were able to witness the presence of giant holes on the moon through which to see the vastness of deep space. This anomaly proves that the satellite of the Blue planet run irreversible events. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First on the moon was the remains of the deceased alien.

During the regular studies of the lunar surface experts infer that it is present in the through hole. If you observe the satellite from the Ground, at first glance, the Moon is in its full right, but the side that stays out of the eyes of humanity, struck through and through. Moreover, the through hole receives light.

Scientists do not exclude that the impact of another object, like a bullet crashed into the moon, a prerequisite for transformation of the satellite in a bunch of meteorites, with small dimensions. Ufologists have reported that in this way the Moon took all the risk himself, after all, a foreign body flew directly to the Blue planet.

Now astronomers are going to send further spacecraft to the moon in order to take samples of dust, which left behind an aggressive outer body.

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