“Tourists” Willy-nilly

Recently, several residents of Minnesota went on the bus in London, located in the canadian province of Ontario. These tours, which takes several hours one way, they do regularly, and not out of a thirst for travel.

The fact that these people suffer from diabetes, and overseas insulin is incomparably cheaper than in the U.S. — $ 34 instead of the 380 for a couple of bottles. “For us, this means a matter of life and death — said deb of Sauser, one of the “tourists”. — If you buy it in America, we have to wonder, will there be enough money for rent and the most vital. In Canada, we are stocking up for a few months, thus saving thousands of dollars. But keeps in mind that such trips generally have to do.”

Her companion Sarah Ginsberg stressed that the authorities should adopt a long-term solution, rather than simply allow patients to bring in medicines from neighbouring countries. Because, among other things, long trips are challenging for sick people. But while the Federal government is passive, and only in Colorado a few months ago passed a law according to which a one-month supply of insulin should be the owners insurance is not more than $100.

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