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Presumably, the democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer was very happy to learn that for a post in the chamber is going to fight Republican Chris Kobach — former Secretary of state of Kansas.

The latter is a permanent political loser. In 2018 he ran for Governor but lost to Democrat Laura Kelly, losing 4 percentage points. He even failed to collect enough money for the campaign, and the program consisted only in the tightening of the immigration rules, was unconvincing. In 2004, he ran for the House of representatives, but again failed, and in a year when another Republican, President George W. Bush, was successfully re-elected.

Now Kobach reiterated the porous borders and the fact that they need to be strengthened, and that Donald trump should be another supporter in the Senate. The President really want to keep the majority there, especially in light of the fact that it now is small — there are only 53 Republicans, and the politicians of Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Iowa and Maine have a tough battle ahead.

However, they can strengthen their position if they win the Alabama Democrat Doug Jones. But we need to put someone other than Roy Moore — a former judge who has said that re is going to run. Perhaps only in order to, in 2017, at a special election, again losing to Jones.

By and large, the Republicans have only to hope that such figures as Kobach and Moore, will lose in the primaries. But the party has repeatedly demonstrated that its representatives are able to turn in the failure of even a promising campaign for election to the Senate. This “made” Christine O’donnell in Delaware in 2010 and Todd Ekin in Missouri in 2012, Corey Stuart in Virginia in 2018-m…

Stuart’s example is particularly noteworthy: this politician advocated the separation of the border migrant families, and trump said: “don’t underestimate Corey, he has a great chance to win.” In the end, he is behind the opponent of 15.7 points, and there is no doubt that Schumer would only be happy if in 2020 the same was repeated with Colacem. To do this, the Democrats only need to take a step back, allowing his ambitious opponents an opportunity to go head to head in the fight.

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