Nostradamus predicted the Apocalypse, July 28, humankind would die of a meteor stream aliens

In the scientific world reported the detection of the ominous predictions of the world famous clairvoyant Nostradamus.

According to the seer, that the meteoric rain is destined to set fire to some Russian regions. This astronomical phenomenon will be present extraterrestrial beings. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before Nostradamus predicted that world war III will be delayed by almost three decades.

Nostradamus called the above disaster with the sword of the sea and war. In addition, the French visionary focused on what’s more horrific events mankind has ever seen. Proponents of alternative science argue that the predictions of Nostradamus about Russia have already started to come true. Natural disasters are the precursors of death.

In the predictions of the French mystic says July 28, on the Earth to begin the Apocalypse. All the wrath of heaven space will fall upon the state, which will see the approach of danger in the form of a meteor shower. After falling on the earth’s surface arriving aliens with innovative technologies that will enable humanity to give them a fitting rebuff.

At the moment, experts continue to monitor whether the true prophecies of Michel Nostradamus, most of which are already transformed into the Blue planet.

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