The legendary Ferrari 250 GTO numbered among the works of art

The Italians know how to create works of art. Another confirmation of this was the decision of the court of Bologna on adding the Ferrari 250 GTO to the artwork. This means that the model should not be copied. Ferrari 250 GTO — car class Gran Turismo, which the company produced to race in the FIA GT3 category.

The first part of the name refers to the volume of each cylinder in cubic centimeters, and the second part is the abbreviation for “Gran Turismo Omologata”, which translated from Italian means “a Car made to race.” Car buyer had to approve personally by Enzo Ferrari and his representative in North America, Luigi Chinetti.

According to Daily Mail, the reason for the court was the lawsuit filed by Ferrari in the commercial court of Bologna against the company from Modena, where a Museum of the legendary cars.

The fact that this company was going to produce a replica 250 GTO. In the judgment, in particular, refers to “special lines of the body and aesthetic design elements” that make this model “truly iconic”. Ferrari proudly announced that the decision on the recognition of car a work of art was made for the first time in the country.

The original model of the Ferrari 250 GTO was produced from 1962 to 1963. All of them were produced 36 copies. In 1964 he was presented the “second series” whose appearance was little changed. It was made only three such copies, and the four old models got a new body, bringing the total number of cars produced to 39. Then the latter-day works of art worth about 18,000 dollars. By the beginning of the new century, the price jumped to tens of millions.

In August of last year, one of the legendary red car was sold for a record at that time for the amount of the auction Sotheby’s at 48.4 million dollars. It was put up for sale put a former Microsoft employee Greg Whitten. In addition, one coupe was sold privately for $ 80 million.

The 250 GTO also known rich sports history. This model became the winner of the most prestigious races such as Le Mans, the Italian Championships and the Tour de France automobile.
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