Elon Musk found a way to mind reading

Илон Маск показал способ чтения мыслей

Company Ilona Mask Neuralink demonstrated a device that can record the brain activity of rats with the help of thousands of electrodes implanted near neurons and synapses. This will allow it in the future to accommodate high-speed computing system inside the human brain without affecting the body. This publication reports Bloomberg.

The startup, which has attracted for your project, $ 150 million, will seek the approval of Management on control over foodstuff and medicines (FDA) clinical trials in humans. The purpose of the experiment is to drill holes in the skulls of paralyzed patients and insert implants that will give the ability to mentally control the digital devices.

One of the difficulties is the formation of a glial counterpart of scar tissue around the wires, which impairs the transmission of clear signals. To overcome this problem Neuralink has created a robot that is able to accurately post of the thread (thickness of a quarter of a hair), riddled with dozens of electrodes. The robot is able to avoid blood vessels, preventing possible damage to the brain and scarring.

The researchers conducted at least 19 surgeries on rodents and successfully posted a thread in 87 percent of cases. In addition, according to Elon musk, conducted experiments involving monkeys. People wire will read brain signals and transfer them to a small device implanted behind the ear and transmitting data to the computer.

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