“To return to the airport — this means to direct nix!”

«Возвращаться в аэропорт — это значит наводить шухер!»The Network published a new video of the emergency landing of the SSJ 100, which killed 41 people. How often crews serves distress signals, whether to return to the departure airport when connection is lost and therefore not always an emergency signal — a sign of emergency, “Газете.Ru” said Igor Delduca, President of the Sheremetyevo trade Union of flight personnel.

The situation on Board two Russian planes on the morning of 14 may, has stirred up the media and attracted attention in light of the recent crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Sheremetyevo.

So, first there was the information about the alarm, served aboard the Boeing 737 of airline “Aeroflot”, which was flying on the route “Kaliningrad-Moscow”. The signal was sent when the plane was in the air for 40 minutes. After the plane safely landed at Sheremetyevo.

“Aeroflot” has denied the message about the emergency on the flight.

“Information refuted. The aircraft is flying normally. Scheduled to land on schedule,” — said the representative of the company. “At the request of the air traffic control checked the signal,” he added. Later there was a clarification that the test signal was conducted at the request of the Belarusian air traffic controllers.

The second, more serious incident happened taking off from Vnukovo to Milan with the airline “UTair”, which was forced to return to the airport due to problems with retracting the landing gear. Before landing, he circled the waiting area, producing fuel.

After some time the plane landed. All on Board the plane were 109 passengers. “The plane landed safely. There were no injuries,” — said “Interfax” a source in the airport services.

In addition, on may 14 telegram channel NTV released a new video of the landing of Sukhoi Superjet 100 in Sheremetyevo. The record shows that the aircraft during landing several times “Bouncing” on the runway, before beginning fire.

In what cases are sent emergency signals from the aircraft, “Газете.Ru” said Igor Delduca, President of the Sheremetyevo trade Union of flight personnel.

— Igor Vladimirovich, tell about in what cases the civil aviation pilots used emergency responders codes and what those codes are?

— Today, defendants-equipped all the main planes. Before the flight, the dispatcher informs the crew code of the defendant (four digits), the crew sets up and performs with him on the flight. Expose it to takeoff, and the dispatcher can on the screen to see how the plane was taxiing, where poor visibility or tower has limited views. Manager, for example, says: “is permitted to follow from Sheremetyevo to new York, runway 25 left, after takeoff, perform a circuit such gain height such that, after takeoff, the frequency of so-and-so, and squawk (Respondent) 2115”.

When switching to a different Manager he might the pilot to give the other code.

— But if the flight occurs outside the control, over the ocean?

— Half an hour after leaving controlled airspace the pilot must put the code, for example 2000. Flying across the ocean, entering into another area of responsibility, establish communication with the dispatcher, he says — you push the button squawk ident — at this point he saw that it was you. The Manager said that determined you — take a course so-and-so, call so-and-so echelon, and points another, your squawk.

Code 7500 is exposed, if there is a hijacking, the terrorists threaten, I want to hijack a plane.

The situation may be different, for example, when the burst into the cockpit and the pilot voice can not convey to the Manager about the capture. The controller sees the code and asks you a confirmation voice — the pilot can explain how many of the invaders that they require and so on. Now, such threats became less so as control at airports is more serious. At me such was not the case, but after the collapse of the USSR, I flew to Estonia, so there is the attempted theft was almost every week. Some Siberians flew to St. Petersburg and decided to fly to Stockholm, Then flying from Tallinn to Lviv, and hijackers decided to fly to Helsinki where he passed, flew to Lviv.

In the USSR it was forbidden to pilots to fly overseas, it was required to split hairs and get on our territory. And later the crews were instructed to fulfill all requirements of the invaders and not to be soared. The main thing — that the plane was intact, passengers safe.

— Loss of communication code 7600. Tell me in what cases this is included the code?

— If within five minutes, using all the capabilities, the pilot is unable to restore it. This happens rarely, especially now that the aircraft is equipped with several radio stations. Three VHF-radiostancii and two shortwave.

In addition, there is the so-called VHF ACARS, which allows the pilot to transmit messages, not voice, and text your airline.

— Loss of connection — not a reason to stop the flight, for example, if the plane flies to Sochi and it happens somewhere halfway?

— No, without connection you can fly the flight plan that was filed. Alternatively, return means to direct a blast!

If this happens, the pilot keeps the last height and flies at her. And then performs a standard approach to Board no later than 30 minutes from scheduled arrival time. And the Manager knows what he is landing and accelerates other side.

– In some cases, the signal 7700?

Is the emergency distress signal, when there is a real threat to the safety of the aircraft and passengers on it. Explosive device on Board, engine failure, fire…

Today Vnukovo boarded the plane, which had not been cleaned chassis — in this case, the signal 7700?

— No, but if the plane was landing, and the chassis doesn’t work, then the signal of distress. And it is simply a return due to technical reason.

— Possible situation where the pilot cannot set the emergency code of the defendant, for example, a plane de-energized?

— No, even if the aircraft is de-energized, the transponder is powered by batteries. Even when a full power failure the battery will continue to power the most needed devices, and the defendant applies to them. Moreover, defendants ‘ two sets, if one fails, the pilot switches to the second.

Now the media began to respond to each emergency signal from the aircraft. And today, for example, it was found that the signal Board in Kaliningrad was filed generally at the request of the Belarusian air traffic controllers. Always whether such a signal shows really an emergency?

— This is the case, the Manager has the right, they check the work equipment on the ground. The media should not be excited in each case.

— What are the duties of ground services when boarding the plane sends a signal to the 7700?

— The controller sees the code and says the crew details of the incident — depressurization or something else. If during an emergency the passengers had a nosebleed, people lose consciousness, heart attack or something, the pilot reports the number of victims who need so many ambulances. The aircraft has the priority of landing, the controller drives everyone away, gives planting rate and operates under an emergency schedule.

For example, he announces to us flying Board like this, is not produced chassis. Then begin to pour a strip of foam, depending on what you tell the pilot whether he will sit on the strip or on the side of a dirt runway safety. The pilot can go to the waiting area to produce fuel to keep the minimum balance, then the estimated time of landing, the controller will clear the call.

— Dispel the myths that each plane has the ability to drain fuel before landing.

— This is not possible from short-haul aircraft. This is due to the fact that they take little fuel, 12-15 tons.

The drain system is placed on long-haul aircraft, where refueling, such as for the Boeing 767 that I flew 72 tons. It maximum takeoff weight of 186 tons, maximum landing — 136 tons.

System drain tanks located in the extreme wings. On the 767 wing tanks fits 36 tons of fuel from the tank in the center wing fuel is not drained. On the wing has pipes with a diameter of 7-8 centimeters. Two buttons pressed — open special valves and pumps, for 20 minutes, reset all 36 tons. This happens in close proximity to airfields, kerosene does not reach to the ground, evaporates back in the air. On his head he is of course, no one translates.

This system have A330, Boeing 767, 747. On the A320 there on the “Superjet” no, no 737.
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