The attacks caused a reaction

The statements of President Donald trump that of the representative of the Democratic party in Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashid Talib, Ayanna pressly and Ilhan Omar should “go back where you came from”, has led to the present storm.

All of France held a press-conference on which, in particular, Pressley called the actions of trump’s attempt to distract from discussion of his policies, and Omar described his opinion as “the program of white nationalists.” After 2 days of the President’s statement in its resolution condemned the Congress. However, he and members of his administration, assured that he is not a racist.

Nevertheless, most observers agreed that such statements were the result of apparent xenophobia exhibited by trump.

German Lopez of Vox reminded that the President had previously shown prejudice and intolerance, and suggested that such beliefs are a reflection of his personal position. According to Jonathan Allen from NBC News, Trump is advantageous to represent the Democrats as extreme liberals who are dangerous to entrust the fate of the country.

Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post urged to call things by their proper names, that is, not to show political correctness and neutrality when it is necessary to condemn outright racism.

“This is the moment of truth for anyone who believes trump is a populist or suggests that his support is based on “economic anxiety, — said Paul Krugman of the New York Times. — Actually he’s a white supremacist, relying on racists”.

“On the subject can no longer be discussions — and all so clear,” — said in the same edition of Charles blow. And only Brit Hume of Fox News believes that it is only “xenophobic, wrong and political stupidity, but not racism”.

The editorial Board of the newspaper the Raleigh News & Observer noted that Republicans did not even attempt to argue to the President. However, as suggested by Ann Branigan from The Root, it is possible that this is a political maneuver aimed to encourage voters who in 2016 has brought a Trump victory.

At the same time, Freda GITIS from CNN doubt that “racism, cruelty to immigrants and a policy aimed at the separation of families, will give positive results”.

Jim Geraghty of National Review considers the actions of trump’s incorrect. “There is an expression attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte: never interrupt the enemy if he destroys himself, — he reminded. — The President decided to intervene in the fight between Democrats”.

And finally, Elvia Diaz of the Arizona Republic noted: “the President got hurt, reminding the nation of immigrants that “color” is not welcome here. Can we now look into the eyes of a supporter of trump and be confident in his friendliness, even if he behaves absolutely correctly?”.


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