The testimony of Mueller: trump can be held liable when you leave the post

Yesterday, July 24, Congress held hearings, which were testified to special Prosecutor Robert Muellerinvolved in the investigation of possible conspiracy Donald trump with Russia.

So, during his testimony, Muller refuted the statement by Donald trump that he was “completely justified” spectaculorum.

According to Mueller, he spent two years investigating alleged collusion between the election campaign of Donald trump 2016 and Russia, but found no evidence of collusion.

However, spectracolor came to the conclusion that Russia interfered in the elections of the President of America.

“During my career, I faced a number of challenges to our democracy. The efforts of the Russian government’s interference in our elections are among the most serious,” said Robert Mueller.

He added: “more needs doing to protect us from this “invasion”, both from the Russian side, and others.”

At two congressional hearings Mueller has repeatedly refused to go beyond his report on 448 pages, responding to members of Congress that everything is in the text.

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The Chairman of the judiciary Committee Jarrold Nadler asked Mueller whether the President claimed that he “justified” the Prosecutor’s report, to which Mueller replied: “No”.

However, added Robert Mueller, the investigation against the President was a “unique situation,” since the guidelines issued by the Ministry of justice, read as follows: the current President cannot be indicted.

On the question of whether the President can be prosecuted for obstructing justice after leaving his post, Mueller said, “Yeah, right.”

As for the Donald trump, he commented on the incident as “the biggest witch hunt in American history” and stressed that no evidence of collusion with Russia Mueller was not found.

Spectacular Mueller said that trump can prosecute when he ceases to be President updated: July 25, 2019 author: Alina Dykman

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