When the family lost their beloved son’s things for the two men to help them stranger came

When Tamar Dubin accidentally broke a favorite dish of her brother Daniel, her heart was broken just as quickly as the notorious subject of tableware.

The fact that this was not an ordinary plate, which was easy to replace. Daniel (19 years old) suffers from autism and a plate, which depicts the characters of the TV show Dragon Tales was one of his most valuable things that helped him to communicate with the outside world.

“Dragon Tales – one of his favorite shows”– said Tamar, noting that he likes to draw his characters. “Many of the expressions he takes from the show and when my mom originally found the plate, it was the only thing he enjoyed”.

Tamar said that her brother was very upset and kept asking where his plate. The mother of the boys tried to explain to him that he can use a normal plate, but he was still pretty mad and upset. “Plate was a thing to which he was very attached”, she explained.

None of the family members didn’t know what to do. Similar plates are no longer produced, and the Internet was no sign copies. But Tamar refused to surrender. “I promised to get a new plate. My mom said “I really don’t think you can do it, but I understand that you’re sorry”. But I said I was determined to find her no matter what”.

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Tamar finally turned to Reddit, explaining the situation and hoping that at least one person will be able to tell her where to get a cookware item. Lucky for her, her post and saw Forrest Markham. “I saw the post and thought “that’s Funny, I have that plate”. And then I pondered and thought “Wait… I Wonder is she’s still my mother”. Forrest immediately contacted the mother and received confirmation, went to the plate. He sent her family Dubin Express delivery absolutely free for Tamar, which many times offered to pay his expenses.

“It makes me feel warm inside when I think about this case, and it is sufficient for me payment!” – the man said.

Tamar was told that her brother was very happy to receive your plate, and the sister and the boy’s mother hastened to Express my gratitude to Forrest on Reddit.

The stranger took the time, effort and money to compensate for the loss of his beloved son’s things for the two men’s family updated: August 2, 2019 author: Elena Abdulaeva
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