Hungary went against the European Union to help Russia – EU sanctions against Russia did not help

A permanent quarrel of the European Union with Hungary in the hands of Russia.

Each country decides on the international stage, taking into account previous successes and resentment in the relationship, and in the European Union this seems to be completely forgotten. Jens Stoltenberg surprised that Hungary allowed Russia to pass through its territory to Serbia reconnaissance car “BRDM-2”, and this is just the beginning, will continue the delivery of tanks “T-72”, according to the “League news Russia” with reference to “Russian conversation“.

But these sanctions are not a barrier to Budapest, where simply said, well, the equipment was transported civil Board, and at such planes, the EU sanctions do not apply. Could also do in Bucharest? I could, but didn’t want to. This situation clearly shows that sanctions do not mean anything, in fact the question is a purely personal attitude of certain countries of the EU and Russia.

“Of course, we receive notification of the civil aircraft that enters the airspace of Hungary, but is fully alert Protocol type, which should be easy to recognize”, – said the Prime Minister of Hungary, görgey Ghiasabadi that for geographical reasons Russian cargo also had to fly through Poland and Slovakia.

The EU has not yet commented on the situation, say only that in the course of the incident, but the implementation of the sanctions rests with each member state of the organization.

The President of Serbia Alexander Vucic also evaluated the delivery of the goods to Serbia, despite the mixed approach to the application of sanctions members of the European Union.

“The most important thing for us is that we were able to move the vehicle to Serbia. How and in what way they profit is our business”, – said the Serbian leader.

The second part of the truth about the relations between the EU and Hungary is that Bucharest does not agree with quotas on EU migrants, furthermore, all European institutions for work with migrants working in the country must obtain a license from the Ministry of foreign Affairs. So, the EU itself is guilty that Russia has been able to smuggle weapons of Serbia.
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