In the area of the geyser Old Faithful recorded earthquake volcano Yellowstone filed an ominous sign

In the US Geological survey talking about the new sinister omens in the Caldera of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO.

Experts drew attention to the fact that in the immediate vicinity of the geyser Old Campaigner seismologists have witnessed a 3-point tremors. Researchers have reported that sometimes power the geyser enough to destroy the observation deck. That is why one of the Polish experts predicted the disappearance of the entire North American continent. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Also before scientists were concerned about factors that predict a surge of gravity in the Caldera of Yellowstone.

According to preliminary information, the depth of focus of signs of seismic activity lies at 8 km depth. Although recently, the magnitude of these earthquakes ranged from 2.5 to 3 points, the recent experiences of the space Agency NASA may become a prerequisite for the emergence of the dome for a devastating explosion.

Due to the above factors, there is a vibration surface, located beside the Old Campaigners, which is why the consequences of the above phenomena was felt by the inhabitants of Montana emerging from a 5-point quakes.

Since last autumn, the experts are always talking about that hot spring systems of Yellowstone there were problems with water. The geysers started to function even before filling with water and therefore shoots liquid mud.

As you know, recently managed to establish the formation of double Yellowstone. It is likely that soon the Yellowstone magma will crush the local lake.
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