Trump has introduced a second package of sanctions on the “case Skripal” after the call to Putin that will affect the new restrictions

Trump has signed the decree about introduction of the second phase of sanctions against Russia from-for poisonings with Skripal.

After the members of the house of representatives issued a statement calling to enter the second package of sanctions against Russia over alleged poisoning of former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal in the UK, the US President, trump was forced to sign such a decree. He had previously tried to postpone the introduction of sanctions, in order not to strain relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes Politico.

The formal reason for imposing the restrictive measures was a violation of American law because of the “use of chemical weapons” against Sergei Skripal and his daughter, which happened in the British Salisbury.

The New York Times reports that trump has signed the decree after a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin in which the President of the United States has offered its assistance in extinguishing fires in Siberia. Prompted trump pressure from U.S. senators. The foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives sent a letter to the White house with the threat of new congressional action to force the government to act.

A new package of sanctions in the case Skrobala prohibits lending to Russia. As reports “Radio Liberty” , the new sanctions will “oppose attempts to provide a country-infringer of any loan, financial or technical assistance”. The sanctions “prohibit any United States Bank to provide loans and credits to the government found in violation of the law on chemical and biological weapons.” The document notes that this measure does not apply to loans for the purchase of food and agricultural products. USA will also be against the issuance of such loans of international financial organizations.

The first package of sanctions “case Skrypalia” was introduced in August last year. Then the US state Department has imposed a ban on the transfer to Russia of certain technologies, selling her weapons and foreign aid.

The Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly questioned the version of Western countries about the alleged poisoning of ex-spy Skripal and his niece in the British Salisbury.

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