In Canada found the remains similar to Cthulhu, an ancient being

В Канаде обнаружили останки похожего на Ктулху древнего существа

The remains of prehistoric creatures like the monster of the Cthulhu Mythos fictional universe of the writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, has been discovered by paleontologists in Canada.

According to scientists, discovered the creature lived at the bottom of the seas and oceans. It fed on small invertebrates, what with the tentacles and special networking sifted sand.

According to “Federal news Agency” with reference to the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society, managed to find a large number of animal prints. Over the past few seasons has been unearthed hundreds of bodies.

Experts suggest that the creature lived on our planet for about 0.5 billion years ago and had an impressive for the era dimensions. Its body length has reached three tens of centimeters.

11 APR paleontologists from the UK and the US found the remains of an ancient animal. This organism was the ancestor of the modern holothurians, or sea cucumbers. Due to the alleged similarity to monster Cthulhu invented by H. p. Lovecraft called cthulhu Sollasina.
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