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The rate for those who did not support Donald trump in 2016, is able to increase its chances of winning in 2020. it is Worth remembering that 74 of the 137 million people who voted in the last election, or 54% of the total number, expressed not in favor of the current President. In fact, he was elected only because of the success of just 3 States, and with a slight margin.

After coming to power, trump began to implement the policy, which is shared by only the far right, but not the majority of Americans. He began to fight for the abolition of the Affordable Care Act, have made tax reform that is not popular, shows rigidity in relation to immigrants, and sided with the racists staged a demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia. In other words, he can only rely on their most staunch supporters, loyalty to which, however, is adamant, and that their votes will be enough and therefore you don’t try to attract other voters.

However, the elections in 2018, has already shown that it is not, because the Democrats won in many suburban districts, where the majority are conservatives. Although the number of those who in 2016, voted in favor of trump, and after 2 years changed his mind or just did not come to the area was small, this fact is also noteworthy.

According to recent reports, those who do not agree with the actions of the President, nearly 10 points more than the supporters (52.3 per cent versus 42.7%). He is likely to give Joseph Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg, and in April, 52% of registered voters said that definitely would not support it. As much as he can to refer to the favourable situation in the economy, but if he won’t even try to attract Democrats and those Republicans that spoke out against him in 2016, it may well lose.

To do this, consider, first of all, the fact that 35% of Americans consider themselves supporters of the moderates, advocating for the search of consensus and pragmatism in politics. To demonstrate these qualities trump may, at the decision of problems of health. A survey conducted in April by the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that 56% of respondents favour the creation of a national public insurance system. According to the Morning Consult, after the first round of debates between the candidates of the Democratic party 46% supported the plan “Medicare for all”, but the majority (55%, including 56% independent and 26% of Republicans) — that preserved the opportunity to use the same doctors and medical facilities that currently. And this attitude of voters gives excellent opportunities for compromise, not based on the desire to repeal Obamacare, and to moderate the expansion of Medicare — in order to this program were able to use, if not all, then at least the most needy, whom she now unavailable.

Economics trump can rely on the moderates, if we call to increase the Federal minimum rate wage equal to $ 7.25 per hour. According to a survey conducted in January, The Hill, 55% believe that it should be raised to $ 15. Although such a move was supported by only 36% of Republicans, 70% of them agree that growth must be implemented, albeit on a smaller scale. For comparison, only 14% believe that “minimal” should remain at the current level, and 5% that it should be abolished. And furthermore, 59% agree that the income of more than $ 10 million should be taxed at a rate of 70%.

And finally, immigration policy should become less stringent, which is inevitable, given that the vast majority of Americans favor giving illegal immigrants a chance for citizenship and against the wall on the border, and criticized the Federal government for those who are trying to get into the country, and believe that applicants for refugee status must remain in the period of their application on the territory of the United States, So the implementation of more humane approaches in this field are also able to draw on the side of trump’s moderate voters.

Of course, it is unlikely that he will follow such advice. While his actions demonstrate that he is a supporter of extreme views, no matter what was discussed. At the same time, even the most liberal offers of the Democrats is still more in line with the “mainstream” of American politics. And if the President does not take this into account, he can only rely on its core constituency, but could gain much more massive and diverse support. After all, liberals, moderates and even some conservatives advocate that the government played a more important role in the regulation of health care, raised minimum wages and introduced new taxes for the rich and acted on attitudes towards immigrants is not as draconian methods.

Jamel Bowie

The New York Times

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