Two slaughter per day: in the US, the attackers shot dead 30 people

Young man shot in the supermarket city of El Paso in South Texas 20 people, 27 wounded, and in Ohio the raiders killed 10 people.

Two attacks with numerous casualties occurred during the day in the USA in different States. First alarming news came from the city of El Paso, in South Texas. Unidentified young man shot visitors to Walmart . As a result of shooting 20 people were killed, 26 were injured. Before the attack on the shopping center, the suspect 21-year-old white male, issued a Manifesto in which he supported the terrorist attack in the mosque of the new Zealand city of Christchurch.

Initially, the media reported the arrest of several of the attackers, but the police confirmed that the shooter was alone. It was the 21-year-old white American Patrick Cruzio. Moreover, the shooter said that their actions, protects their country against foreign “invasion”, and believes that because of migrants suffering from culture and economy of the United States. By the way, El Paso is on the border of USA and Mexico, so many Mexicans live here, and someone comes to work or to shop in hypermarket.

“He wanted blood, must have planiroval it”, – quotes RIA Novosti words of one of the witnesses, referring to the American edition..

As a girl in Walmart at the time of the tragedy was “a lot of children who could not find their parents, everyone was shouting, everyone was in shock, not knowing what to do, trying to hide.”

The President of the United States Donald trump immediately responded to the incident on his Twitter page. He said Saturday that the shooting occurred in El Paso in West Texas, is an act of cowardice that cannot be justified.

“Today’s shooting in El Paso, Texas, was not only a tragedy but an act of cowardice. I know that today I stand along with everyone else in this country, condemning this hateful act. There is no reason or excuse to ever justify the killing of innocent people,” wrote trump and added that “Melania and I send our prayers and best wishes to the people of Texas.”

After it became known about a shooting in another state. So, on the streets of Dayton (Ohio) unknown opened fire on passers-by. Writes the Dayton Daily News, according to preliminary data, the fire could have been killed about ten people.

Militiamen do not exclude that the attacker had an accomplice. Now the police searches for suspects. Other details are not yet available.

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