During a speech trump to back placed double-headed eagle with Golf clubs

Assistant audio and video conservative student non-profit organization Turning Point USA, was fired this week after Donald trump came on the scene in the background of the parody image of the presidential seal.

When on Tuesday morning the President took the stage to speak to the Teens at the Teen summit, a Student Action on the screen behind him was a fake presidential seal depicting a double-headed eagle (similar to the coat of arms of the Russian Federation). The eagle clutched in its claws a set of Golf clubs.

The TPUSA organization apologized for the incident, saying that no evil intent was not in it.

“We regret the confusion and mean no disrespect to the White house, the President or his team”, – said the representatives of TPUSA.

According to a CNN source familiar with the situation, during a rehearsal of the event for a few hours TPUSA announced that for the background speech should trump the image of the presidential seal.

“One of the members of our video team found the image in Google Image, not noticing that this is a parody image,” the source said.

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Recall spectacular Robert Mueller has not established conspiracy among the presidential campaign of trump and the Kremlin in 2016, but noted that there is evidence of Russian interference in the course of American elections.

White house official said that the trump team had not seen a picture of the print before it appeared on the screen scene.

“If you need any other comments, please contact Turning Point – it was their event,” the official said to CNN.

Trump gave a speech against “the Russian” double-headed eagle holding in its talons Golf clubs updated: July 25, 2019 author: Alina Dykman

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