“Racist soup”: Komi accused trump of mass executions

«Расистский суп»: Коми обвинил Трампа в массовых расстрелахThe former head of the FBI James Comey has accused Donald trump in mass shootings in the United States. In his opinion, to the loss of life led to the policy of the President. Komi also required trump to publicly speak out against racism that the US President did in his address to the nation. The President also instructed the Ministry of justice to develop measures to impose the death penalty for mass murder. In this case the Democrats are actively using controversial decisions trump against him.

Ex-FBI Director James Comey commented on mass shootings in the United States occurred over the weekend. In his opinion, the actions of the American leader, Donald trump became one of the causes of the tragedy.

“The United States has long had a racist radioactive soup at the centre of national life. Donald trump believes that he does it for political gain. He’s actually doing something more dangerous,” Komi Republic wrote in his column in The New York Times.

Trump expects to use the additional political energy to his re-election and “UPS controls” calculating and deeply cynical purpose, said the former head of the FBI.

“Every American President, knowing what lies deep within our country, bears a unique responsibility to loudly and consistently say that white supremacy is illegal, that the promotion of policies of racial resentment can become violent, and that violence directed at people because of their skin color, is terrorism,” said Comey.

Former FBI Director noted that the US President is obligated to publicly speak out against racism.

“You need us more than condolences via Twitter,” addressed to the President of the Komi Republic. These words of the former head of the FBI came amid a wave of mass shootings in the US over the weekend. During the day, the shots occurred in three U.S. States. In a series of attacks killed at least 29 people and about 50 injured. According to police, the motives of two hackers linked to anti-immigrant sentiment.

All in all since the beginning of 2019 in the United States had grown to more than 250 mass shootings. Thus, the shooting is happening in the country almost every day.

The trump after the incident made an appeal to the American people. In his speech, the US President called the incident “domestic terrorism.”

“Today, I also appealed to the Ministry of justice to prepare a bill according to which those who commit crimes based on hatred and staged a mass shooting, was sentenced to death,” said trump in circulation.

According to him, this measure should be carried out without many years of “unnecessary delay.” “Our nation needs to denounce the racism, bigotry and the idea of white supremacy,” said trump.

He also stated the need to introduce the death penalty for crimes motivated by intolerance. According to trump, the radicalization of the US population contribute to the Internet and video games.

The war against illegal immigrants

Trump even during his presidential campaign in 2016, has taken a tough stance against illegal migrants. One of the most odious promises of the then candidate was the construction of the wall on the us-Mexican border. After his election, trump began to actively embody this idea in life.

However, against a wall on the border with Mexico were made by the representatives of the Democratic party. The controversy around the project several times led to a “shutdown” in the U.S., Republicans and Democrats in Congress could not come to an agreement on the budget because of the “wall of trump”.

In February, the American leader even declared a state of emergency to get $6.4 billion for the project, but the Democrats agreed to allocate on the wall only $1.4 billion.

At the same time, the wall is not the only way that trump uses against illegal immigrants. In particular, he abolished adopted by his predecessor Barack Obama bills that simplified the possibility of obtaining asylum in the United States. Trump also introduced new rules against illegal immigrants, according to which the migrants began to share with their children on the border with Mexico.

Children of illegal migrants began to place in detention centres in several States in the United States. Trump’s decision was greeted with a barrage of criticism from Democrats. Representatives of the party have accused the American leader of inhumanity and insisted on the “terrible conditions” of detention of children. The situation became critical after the deaths of several people.

Then the American leader himself began to criticize the conditions of detention of children and hastily signed a bill to provide $4.6 billion for the solution of problems on the border with Mexico. This document, in particular, has established strict standards for detention of illegal immigrants.

In support of its decisions in relation to migrant trump has repeatedly stated that illegal immigrants are the reason for the proliferation of drug and human trafficking. He also claimed that the migrants alleged to have been responsible for the high level of violent crime in the United States.

The President is a racist?

The Democratic party has repeatedly accused trump of racism because of his policies. One of the clearest examples of the confrontation was the incident with the four women-members of Congress. In July, trump lashed out at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Anne Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Rashid Tlaib. The American leader called of democratic women of foreign descent back to their homeland to restore order there. He also invited all those who disagree with the policy of the United States to leave the country.

Resonance offer trump and criticism of women Democrats have called unacceptable behavior. In particular, the party accused the President of the United States in the open support of white racists throughout the country. Trump also said that “there is not a drop of racism”.

The battle for voters

Despite criticism of its policy, trump continues to take tough measures against migrants, in particular, became part of a new presidential campaign. While trump has announced its launch at the end of June — more than a year before the election of 2020.

This policy towards migrants may prevent the incumbent President to win the votes of ethnic minorities in the United States. Though his approval rating in July, to 45% (according to a survey of Harvard CAPS/Harris), the President of the United States should not ignore the voices of these groups of voters.

According to calculations by the Pew Research Center, the election 2020 will be able to vote 32 million Latinos, 30 million African Americans. In the case of high turnout trump will lose about 10% of the votes.

The probability of this outcome confirms the result of the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress, which took place in 2018. Then the representatives of the Republican party failed to win the votes of minorities. At the end of the elections the Republicans for the first time in eight years lost their majority in the house of representatives.

However, trump could lose votes not only minorities but also women. According to Gallup, currently, more than 60% of women in the United States disapprove of trump. At the same time, on elections in the USA women tend to vote more active men.

The vote, which trump will lose because of his policies and statements, will go to the Democratic candidate. At the same time, if the Republicans had actually prepared to nominate trump, the Democrats, the situation is much more complicated.

This year the desire to participate in the presidential race from the Democratic party said more than 20 candidates. This is an unprecedented number of Democrats in recent US history, which involved in primaries for the nomination of an opponent to Trump.

Lead in the presidential race, former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, a longtime opponent of trump. According to experts, Biden has all the chances to deprive the US President hopes for a second term. However, the trump does not consider Biden a worthy opponent. The American leader often calls the former Vice-President of “sleeping Joe”.

Despite the large number of candidates, representatives of Democratic parties have a clear position regarding trump. According to the Democrats, trump is hurting US and he should not be President.

The end of the “Russian trend”

Although the new US presidential election should pass in the autumn of 2020, the Democrats and Republicans have already begun fighting for their constituents. Since the beginning of the presidency trump the Democratic party played the card of “Russian intervention”.

Due to investigation of spectracolor USA Robert Muller Democrats accused trump in collusion with the Russian authorities. According to representatives of the party, the American leader allegedly became President only with the help of Russia. However, Muller could not find evidence of collusion between trump and Moscow.

After the failure with the case of Mueller, the Democrats began to build their campaign to accuse trump of racism. Representatives of the party focused on the actions of the President in relation to migrants and the criticism of his foreign policy.

The American leader actively uses the end of the “Russian case” in their favor. A peculiar trend of his presidency became of the phrase “witch hunt” and “fake-news”. So trump has commented on the attacks of the Democrats on the “Russian cause” and the negative media against him. At the same time, trump is building his new presidential campaign on opposition to the Democrats and the media.

Active use of trump attacks Democrats in his favor and noted experts. He says: “I am a leader who deals with real problems, and these people offer nothing and just me being bullied,” — says programme Director, Russian Council for international Affairs Ivan Timofeev.

According to him, representatives of the Democratic party “very few people can stand against trump”. He also added that against the background of “Russian Affairs” trump demonstrates that Congress supports the policy in relation to Moscow.
“Despite the calls to improve relations, it cannot be said that he did not accept rigid sanctions”, — said Timofeev.
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