Singer Cardi B supported Bernie Sanders and Vistula against trump

Cardi B went into politics? Monday, July 29, in his Instagram singer and Internet star of Alkalis Almanzar posted-thanks to the presidential candidate of the Democrats, Bernie Sanders.

Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders for what you sat down next to me and shared their plans on how to change this country, wrote Cardi B. — Continue to monitor how he will fight for economic, racial and social justice for all. Let us together build a movement of young people to transform this country!

77-year-old Senator from Vermont has also published a photo with the singer and in their accounts in social networks.

Today Cardi B and I finally met, wrote Sanders on Twitter. — We had a great conversation about the future of America. And let me say: Cardi B is right. Together we will attract millions of young people to participate in the political process and transform this country“.

Sanders shed light on the collaboration with Cardi B in an interview with CNN.

We are working diligently to attract more young people to the political process, — said the politician. America’s future depends on young people. They vote in large numbers, but not in sufficient number“.

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The Senator noted that he and rap singer talked about a number of issues, including the abolition of student debt, climate change and the increase in the minimum wage.

A few hours before the publication of photos with a Democrat Cardi B urged bloggers to support Democrats, not to give the Trump to win the election in 2020.

Sanders did not say whether Cardi B formally involved in his campaign. But it is quite possible, given that the singer was often made statements in their social networks, political or social nature. At the beginning of the year, she said that “the U.S. is in a hell hole” after it was closed by the government.

Singer Cardi B supported the candidate in US presidents Bernie Sanders, advocating for raising the minimum wage and against trump updated: Jul 30, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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