“Fire in the forest as a fire engine flies”: the officer of the Ministry on natural disasters in Siberia

The development of Siberia by Yermak began in 1581. Today there is still no infrastructures that would allow to put out forest fires, the residents complain about the lack of information on risks. Authorities say about the “inappropriate” extinguishing, but smoke has already reached densely populated areas, including in the European part of Russia. At the same time Siberia suffers from floods. How are the rescuers, the Russian service RFI said the officer of the Ministry, whose name we at his request do not call.

The Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS has explainedthat to put out fires is “even harmful,” because it is a natural phenomenon. Thus the Governor has not told, how is Siberia a preliminary simulation of fire situation, allowing to assess risks and make decisions about suppression. Databases and other information, for example, in similar cases, check the canadian service to extinguish fires. And the residents of Krasnoyarsk went to the protest for the resignation of Alexander USSA.

Residents of flooded areas are also complaining on the authorities. In Tulun (Irkutsk region), where 25 people were killed, the main dissatisfaction is caused by the fact that the city authorities did not warn the public of impending danger and even, on the contrary, calmed people. Meanwhile, on Friday, June 28, in the city broke through the unfinished dam, the evening of the same day began to work rescuers. A state of emergency in the Irkutsk region was introduced on the third day of the flood, by the time it touched the third district. “In Taishet, Nizhneudinsk and Tulun districts of the Angara region was flooded more than 3 thousand houses, more than 9 thousand people were in the disaster zone. There are dead. People say that the threat of flooding they had not been warned”, — writes “Siberia. Realities”.

Questions about situation in the Irkutsk region answers one of the emergency workers, who directed the rescue operations.

RFI: What is the responsibility of search and rescue teams?

Avalanches, floods, earthquakes, accidents, tourists, climbers, drowned — this is our profile. Save people. We do not fight fires nor forest, nor the other, we are not firefighters. But my parents work in the forests, I heard.

Why there are fires? Why don’t they stew?

Look: who left the bottle in the woods, it’s glass. If the Sunny days a lot, underneath all the needles have dried up. So, as a magnifier like a magnifying glass. And caught fire. But mostly, I think it’s a dry storm. Burning desolate place, solid taiga, the population is not there.

But we get the video, which shows how light is suitable for 200 m to the villages.

Are you talking about Yakutia say the situation there I don’t know. And in the Irkutsk region in the fires of the people there.

And smoke? Do you feel the smoke around lake Baikal?

Literally yesterday afternoon to Chita brought the smoke all the smoke. The Prime Minister arrived for all to see, and there was smoke (Dmitry Medvedev inspected the fire vehicles, working in Zabaykalsky Krai RFI). From Krasnoyarsk to Chita already brought, nothing is visible.

Why is “impractical” to put out fires, if people are suffering from smoke?

But it is impossible. You have no idea how the burning taiga. In the North of the Irkutsk region — pine forest. The litter of conifers, which over the centuries have attacked, Bush — everything burns. And if the wind, a crown fire in pines, as a fiery locomotive flies. There is such a thing — kurumnik, this stone painting. Them cedar can grow with well-developed rhizome. And if the fire goes kurumnik, it did not catch up. Inside will be lit, then on the surface of the mouth, a blow of wind and flew again the fire horse.

And there is no no roads, nothing. Heavy equipment will not drive and the planes are dead poultices. There need large machinery, bulldozers, strip mineralized to do, people need to blow up, the way lay. Nothing. I don’t even know how to do it. There is the marsh, upland forest, not to get. The helicopter is also people not be delivered, the fuel is not enough people to plant and back to fly. And they then still have to pick up. And where to plant them, people? The helicopter needs somewhere to land. There is no infrastructure.

And what if the smoke has already reached the European part of Russia?

Can only expect that the rain will go. If you go, it’s the smoke gonna kill me. But you will not go, we will continue to suffer.

Now comes the evacuation of flood zones, and in the city of Baikalsk by the flood collapsed the bridge. The press service of EMERCOM in the Irkutsk region reported that affected more than two thousand people. Your squads worked in these areas?

We are already more than a month working on the floods in Sochi. And evacuated, and the bodies taken out, and the debris of dismantled. The bridge, which the Oia was crowded with houses, is we took to the water flow. Well, the victims were from floods. And fires — just like in the spring. In Transbaikalia and the village burnt out, but in the Irkutsk region, I have not heard this year.

Why have these floods?

There is a junction of three ridges of the Eastern Sayan mountains, Central Western Sayan and Sayan. In the upper reaches, closer to the border of Mongolia, three cyclones ran into each other, and all this resulted. And the river is a mountain, water is shaft, all at once poured out onto the plain and began to climb. Now in Irkutsk for five days Lil. On the shore of lake Baikal are home, there is not even the river flooded and the soil is just saturated with water. The water nowhere to go.

The first group flew by helicopter in the Central Sayan mountains on June 26. There are towns which no roads, only boats and helicopters can be reached. But then the water was gone, and since everything in Tulun work. And two or three days ago began to rise again

How do you assess the number of victims?

Twenty people were killed (TASS reported on 23 dead — RFI). Exactly don’t even know the official data. We violently you can’t save. Some do not want to evacuate, saying: “And I on the roof will sit out”. And at night the water is still two feet climbed and swam home. Night phone call, and we’ll do that when the house has? That’s the whole story. Our guys have the exact figures, they will not say that the sixty or eighty people, if it is not. This is the data for a month, from late June, but the whole peak was days ten – fifteen. Then we pumped out the water, stuff a fortnight removed, and it’s picking up again.

Missing people found?

Not in the rubble in the houses. When the water fell.
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