The causes which burns the Arctic: scientists were surprised by their findings

Experts who study climate conditions on Earth, established a strange trend.

As it was established, under the impact of elements was Siberia, Northern regions of Scandinavia, Alaska and Greenland. Unfortunately a very big, every day element is causing irreparable damage to the natural resources of these areas the Blue planet. Some scientists believe that the consequences of the use of climate weapons of the Anunnaki. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

In anticipation of the above anomalies a Japanese expert lamented the experiments with climatic weapons.

According to experts, the cause of the fire was a lightning storm and a summer of high temperatures, which have risen significantly due to climate warming. The fires are so massive that they are visible even from outer space. As you know, due to climate anomalies of temperature in Alaska has exceeded 30 degrees. Moreover, the inhabitants of Greenland, complained that in 24 hours there has been a loss of nearly half of the ice massif of the island.

Representatives of the scientific world stated the fact that June was the hottest period in human history. According to preliminary information, at the moment there are more than hundreds of fires. It was believed that it could be a trick of the Anunnaki, who were hiding in the clouds of Venus.
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