“There’s nothing wrong with alcohol!”: how are the services in the Church for drunks

The Church Gabola Church in Johannesburg from November 2017 offers its services to people who were rejected in other parishes because of drunkenness. Services are held in bars, and at this time the parishioners are allowed to consume alcohol.

Bishop Makiti was previously a Junior Minister in staropoltavskiy Church, but then fell out with other clerics, and founded his own Church Gabola Church: Gabola word in the Tswana language means “breath”. Makati, and he likes to drink: for the services he appears with a bottle of whiskey.

At Easter, the Bishop of Makati proclaimed African Dad.

“I just want to reiterate that in drinking there is nothing wrong. If a drunk person has problems, it’s them, not alcohol, don’t blame them alcohol. It is true that alcohol provokes fights, accidents, domestic violence and adultery. All this happens with sober people on the roads, accidents do happen constantly, for example with the school bus or with the downed pedestrian. Conflicts and adultery are even in churches where you cannot drink in the Church Gabola.

So look wider and pay attention to statistics of accidents. Many people die young even without the influence of booze. Among the bishops and pastors there are those who raped and killed their loved ones. The person, not the alcohol.”

The Easter appeal of the Bishop of Makiti

Church of drinking beer during the service.

Also, the members of the Church singing and dancing.

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