Treatment can be cheaper

The implementation of the new rules developed by the Internal Revenue Service and the Ministry of Finance aimed at increasing the availability of insulin, inhalers and other drugs used by patients with chronic diseases.

However, they apply only to those who have a large amount of the expenses from his own pocket, and also have a savings account to pay for medical services, or HSA. But, anyway, we are talking about more than 20 million people who have purchased such insurance to save on premiums.

The changes are intended to make the insurers had the opportunity to consent to preventive services — for example, monitoring pressure or sugar levels, which their customer will pay later. This is due primarily to the fact that discontinuation of treatment due to lack of funds (a mandatory payout before the action takes the policy can sometimes be several thousand dollars) often leads to the exacerbation of chronic diseases and complications, the elimination of which is necessary in the end to spend much more.

In fact, this decision was made and the organization that protects the rights of patients, employers and insurers themselves. And since the rules do not require further approval, they will be included already in the plans to be developed by 2020.

Policies providing that their owner themselves pay a more substantial amount, is becoming more prevalent, especially among the owners of HSA accounts, the ability to open which appeared in 2003. Employers, employees and other persons can replenish their before tax, and if this money is used directly for treatment, it is not necessary to pay any fees or penalties.

Because Americans diagnosed with chronic disease, there are about 133 million, the White house is considering other measures to reduce their cost of medical services.
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