Under the “fire”

Recently, the democratic leadership in the House of representatives is waging an increasingly bitter rivalry with representatives of the liberal wing of his own party — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Yanai Pressley and Rashidi Talib.

It all started with the fact that this Quartet has voted against funding for the construction of new detention centers for migrants on the border. After that the chief of staff to Congress-woman compared to the Democrats, calling for such a move, politicians from the southern States, once shared the idea of segregation.

In response, the speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi said that the liberal, despite the hype around them — “only 4 people without support in the Congress.” Then she suggested that

Pelosi is biased to the “color” to my colleagues, and one of the prominent representatives of the faction called her “a puppet in the hands of white supporters elitism”, which recalls their origin only when it is profitable.

It instantly reacted with Donald trump took the opportunity to criticize the liberal Congresswoman. But the main problem is that contradictions remain among the Democrats, and Pelosi need to restore order, because this configures fight against each other and demoralizes the voters in

votes needed by the party.

Pressley recently, Talib, Omar and their colleague deb Haaland made in Philadelphia at the annual conference of the liberal Netroots Nation, which was attended by about 4 thousand people. Moderated by Aimee Allison, founder of the organization She the People interested in the promotion of women politicians belonging to ethnic minorities.

“For millions of us this Congress-woman are the representatives of the generations who fought for their voice was

heard, she said at the opening of the debate. They are the best there is in American democracy, but now have been criticized by both right-and own party members”. Later Ellison said that the leaders of the Democrats thwart the enthusiasm of the “color” of women involved in the organization of political campaigns in swing States. “Pelosi’s words caused anger, fear, pain, and hurt the coalition that is needed to win the presidency,” added the activist.

Of course, there are those who believe that actually Ocasio-Cortez and her minded common cause harm. They actually use the same tactics as trump, giving a simple, unambiguous and radical responses to those who have not previously voted or ignored the elections. Such directness is stimulating, but it allows centrists to believe that, in fact, the right and left who hold extreme views do not differ from each other. And besides, we should not forget that voters who consider themselves liberals, less than conservatives in the United States, a victory which ensured Trump the majority of the votes of the electoral College. And that means the Democrats must attract the sympathy of moderates, even if they have to create a view of “leftists” as on the political fringe.

Pelosi is centresthe, and rightly so, when it comes to voting in Congress. Besides in the district Ocasio-Cortez the Democrats and so benefit, and most of them brought victory where their positions were not so sure. But the votes of the opponents of the extreme views will not be enough to beat trump.

If in 2016 the turnout of African Americans was the same as in 2012, the President likely would be Hillary Clinton. The number of votes cast for the extreme left, Jill Stein, was more than the gap between the main candidates (in favor of trump) in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. While 9% supported Barack Obama in 2012 in 2016 in favor of trump, and another 7% of them do not appear on the site. Perhaps affected by the fact that even opponents of the trump even more were opposed to the authorities came to Clinton.

To win the sympathy of undecided voters is important because every vote for Democrats, means that it will not get the Republicans.

But referring to young and inactive voters should not lose the existing electorate. To do this, the leadership of the party should abandon confrontation and pursue, following which will be heard

voice and liberals, and centrists.

The responsibility for this lies with Pelosi and not on young idealistic, who first came to the House of representatives. After all, if the criticism continues, that, doubtless, you will again use the trump who feels “weak” opponent. And at the present time the vulnerability of the Democrats is precisely the conflict between them, and with the participation of the speaker, which will end the feud for the sake of creating a United front against the chief and real enemy — the incumbent. The party should stop “shooting”, from which the loss is solely herself.

Michelle Goldberg,

The New York Times

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