NATO Secretary General called the strange cause of the loss of the Crimea to Ukraine

Stoltenberg believes that the Peninsula became Russian because of the competition of the two powers.

“Competition between the great powers” is the strange reason called as the main NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, explaining why Ukraine has lost Crimea. American officials at all sure that the competition between the two countries – USA and Russia – is a real challenge for humanity.

“And we see the consequences from Crimea to North Korea, from Syria to South China sea”, — quotes “View” the words of Stoltenberg in a report published on the website of the Alliance.

Stoltenberg added that Russia is increasing its presence in Syria and the Middle East, tries to intervene in the internal Affairs of some countries-members of the bloc and the credibility of democratic institutions in them.

“A more assertive Russia is putting pressure on the rules-based world order, and the last one — the sunset of the INF Treaty”, he stressed.

The widening of NATO to the East, the Secretary General explained the end of the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union. It did not hide the fact that the extension was necessary for the existence of the Alliance itself. The question was: “either go out of business, or beyond its territory in Europe and North America.” And, judging by the explanation of the purpose of NATO was the most noble – to stop the ethnic wars in the Balkans, fighting piracy in Africa and terrorism in Afghanistan. However I omitted that for the sake of it had to bomb Yugoslavia, to legalize Kosovo, as the pirates were, and still are in Africa and the terrorist organization the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan, was not without U.S. support.

Moreover, the Secretary General said that NATO does not seek to solve all the world’s conflicts and does not want to get involved, and the main goal of the Alliance is protection from attack. In turn, Russia has repeatedly pointed out that NATO somehow is expanding towards its borders, which leads to increased tension in the region. And Ukraine is the best illustration of action of the Alliance.
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