After a year of vaping at 18-year-old boy was refused a lung — and he warns others of danger

A year and a half ago 18-year-old chance of Ammirata from Miami first tried the electronic cigarette. Chance, who is studying in Florida International University, tried to lead a healthy lifestyle and was convinced that vaping is an excellent replacement for nicotine. He began to smoke capsule Juul in a day or two — not knowing that this is equivalent to 10 regular cigarettes per day.

However, for a long time, the guy thought that is not deceived and cooling do absolutely safe. The problems started only last Monday. Ammirata spent almost all night without sleep because of the pain in the left side, but didn’t pay much attention to it, deciding that he was sick or pulled a muscle.

Instagram. Chance was sure that cooling safe — not even realizing the damage being done to your lungs

A friend invited him to go bowling, hoping that it will raise to Chance the mood, however, with each passing hour the guy was getting worse. Even to sit on a hard plastic chair was painful.

“I remember she said something that made me laugh — and from this chest, as if squashed. — recalls Ammirata — it was as if I was having a heart attack“.

Then the guy realized that the urgent need to go to the hospital. There he waited for the bad news, to tell us who came, not one doctor, and seven.

“When you see as many as seven surgeons, from wildly frightened. — recognizes the chance — the First thing I thought was, now they say I have to live for five days”.

Instead, Ammirati said that it was his left lung and was immediately rushed into surgery.

Cooling was the cause of spontaneous pneumothorax — accumulation of air in the pleural cavity. In some cases, it can lead to a decrease in blood pressure, hypoxia, and, eventually, cardiac arrest if the patient is not in time to help.

According to Chance, he could barely comprehend what is happening: to the ill-fated Monday morning the guy experienced absolutely no health problems. He never coughed, choked. Everything was in order, anyway, so Ammirati seemed.

At first, the doctors have installed in the guy’s chest drainage, okachimachi excess air. Then had a full operation to restart the lungs.

“The surgeon said, no matter what I smoked, it made my lungs in black spots”.

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After the procedure, the doctors said that, although the chance is out of danger, it can take years to get rid of stains — and even then there is no guarantee that they will disappear completely.

Before Ammirata was sure he’s never going to happen. The guy first tried jowling in 16 years, considering that it is much safer than conventional cigarettes.

“Everyone is doing it, and nobody said that [cooling] causes addiction. It seemed that electronic cigarettes are radically different from the usual and they can smoke just from time to time to, for example, to cope with stress. — tells chance — Everyone thought, <…> that Juul perfect — that there will be no consequences, no harm to health.”

Ammirata became living proof that the consequences are there and they are more than serious. On Tuesday, August 6, the doctors finally removed him from the chest drainage, but this is only the first step on the long road of recovery.

Hospitalization got in the way of many plans of man. He had already missed 7 days at your new job, through which they hoped to save enough money to move out of their parents. He will never be able to go diving, some time will fly and, besides, forced to abandon his plans to run cross.

“The doctor said that I will be able from time to time to run — in a few months when I get better, but to do this on a regular basis is impossible. — explains the chance Is pretty lousy, because I’m only 18. Such things should not happen to people in this age.”

Everything else, Chance forbade again to smoke or use coulom — but he insists he was not going to go back to the old habit. The guy believes that now his “duty as victimsof the” Coalinga — to warn the others. He hopes to be able to convince others to give up cigarettes, both conventional and electronic.

According to Ammirati, more than 100 people who read about the incident in his instagram and Twitter, said he also will throw cooling.

“Once I’m able to help someone, then I will continue to do this. — says chance don’t want someone else finished on a hospital bed, as it was with me.”

18-year-old boy a year and a half smoke electronic cigarettes and he refused easy. Now he warns of the danger of gualinga other updated: August 7, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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