In the anomalous nebula found phenomenon in the form of the statue of Liberty

Representatives of the scientific world said about the incredible phenomenon in outer space.

Astronomers were able to witness the entertaining appearance of the nebula, which had a direct resemblance to the statue of Liberty. To witness the amazing space body is managed by staff working at the Observatory Cerro was Tololo. The above-mentioned space object was given the name NGC 3576. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

The nebula is located at a point 57 RCW, where there are stars. In the picture they are not visible because the photo has been digitally enhanced. A few months ago, Saturn was able to identify the likeness of a long corridor that was protected from poisonous fogs. The researchers also could not determine the nature of pink fog in the vicinity of the British, who had blocked some airports.

Experts using computer modelling have managed to find the tight knots of cosmic dust and glowing hydrogen gas loop groups. The Israelites had previously seen the writing on the wall in the form of fog on the famous Temple mount, which promises the imminent onset of the Apocalypse.
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