Italy may lose the right to hold the Olympics in 2026 due to new law

Italy risks losing the right to participate in the Olympic games of 2020 because of the new law in the field of sports. Also, the country could lose the right to host the winter Olympics in 2026. This became known on Wednesday, August 7th.

The international Olympic Committee has written to the President of the Olympic Committee of Italy Giovanni Small letter, which stated that the draft of the new law on sport, the pending currently in Parliament, is contrary to the Olympic Charter and “explicitly restrict the autonomy of the Committee” of the country. It is reported that the text of the letter was available to journalists of the newspaper Corriere de la Serra.

“The Olympic Committee of Italy should be Autonomous and legally independent organization is guided primarily by the text of the Olympic Charter, working with in the legal framework of the country where it is registered”, — stated in the letter signed by the Deputy Director for relations with the Olympic movement, the IOC James Macleod. He also recalled that the IOC may deny national Committee official status, if you find that the affected local law or under pressure from the national government. History Olimpyisky movement knows such precedents: in 2015, due to the influence of the national government was suspended the Olympic Committee of Kuwait, at the games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 Kuwaiti athletes were under a neutral flag.

The new draft law gives the Italian government the right to reform the Olympic Committee of the country. The authors of the project insist that the independence of the Committee is not in danger. The sports Minister of Italy, Giancarlo Giorgetti said that the new law will continue “to process all of the misunderstandings mentioned in the letter of the IOC, will be explained”. Agence France-Presse reports that the new draft law was approved on the same day a letter in the Corriere de la Serra.

The IOC invited the representatives of the Olympic Committee of Italy will meet this week in Lausanne to clarify the situation.

Recall that in late June, Milan and Cortina d’ampezzo, won the right to host the winter Olympics 2026. The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach declared the organization in Lausanne.

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