“Democrats are annoying”: why the United States is growing support trump

«Демократы раздражают»: почему в США растет поддержка ТрампаDonald trump on August 9 will hold a luncheon with supporters and donors of the campaign. The cost of attending is quite high. The trump already feels a lot of support even from those who previously did not support him. The President actively uses turmoil in the camp of the Democrats, his anti-immigration actions enjoy the approval of a large part of the electorate, he was able to consolidate the party, and the economy is on the rise.

The US President Donald trump on August 9 will hold a lunch to raise funds for her election campaign. The event will be held in the town of Southampton (new York). The settlement is famous as the residence of American aristocracy.

To go to dinner with trump, guests should be prepared to pay $65 thousand for two – this is the cost of the ticket, and this amount will be included only entrance to the event. To sit at the table next to the President, you need to have the sum of $100 thousand And here to have a chat with the trump a few words and to make two or three photos would cost $250 thousand.

Such data are cited by The Washington Post.

The event — part of the election campaign of the President of the United States, and he feels confident enough in it, as gaining new supporters. The American voters who in 2016 on the hated U.S. President in 2020 are going to vote for him. As the columnist for The New York Times Nate Cohn, according to Voter surveys, Study Group, 28% of supporters of the Republican party, which previously negative attitude to Trump that by 2018, have changed their minds.

According to observers, the data show that “Mr. trump received more support than previously, and if not from Republicans, possibly from a number of independent or former supporters of the Democrats.”

Ratings trump, however, remain low. According to the latest data from Gallup, the approval rating of the American President is 42%, less than in April, when he was supported by 46%.

However, despite the fact that the work of trump as President is satisfied with less voters than before, he was able to enlist the support of new supporters. As proof, the author cites the data of the sociological service Upshot, which notes that among registered voters the number of those who after 2016 was to be good to Trump increased from 34% to 44%.

Experts believe that what is happening for several reasons. On the one hand, the us economy is showing good growth, and the trump, despite sharp statements, demonstrates the commitment of the statements that he made during the election campaign.

Moreover, many of the actions of trump like voter. “It is not the figure of a trump, and in the General direction of American policy,” says “Газете.Ru” a senior foreign diplomat, often in the United States.

In addition, trump in the last year has significantly enhanced its administration. A politician who repeatedly complained that his administration has “conspiracy” that prevents to run the country, gradually got rid of many officials, who, in his opinion, put a spoke in the wheel. He also completely changed the management of security forces, and now his entourage consists of loyalists with whom he is comfortable to work with.

Besides, trump enjoys quite strong support among voters-Republicans. According to the survey conducted by the sociological Agency Morning Consult in July 2019,

the current President of the U.S. was supported by 86% of representatives of the “nuclear electorate” of the Republican party. Among voters 18-29 support of the US President is also high in this group it is supported by 78% of voters.

At the same time, today Trump has managed to consolidate its influence in the party, said group managing Director Kissinger Associates Inc Tom Graham: “the Republican party is gradually becoming a party of trump. It didn’t seem so obvious in the beginning of the reign of his administration, but lately, trump began a “facelift” party”, — said the expert in an interview with “Газетой.Ru”.

On trump runs and discord in the camp of the Democratic party. Despite the fact that the desire to participate in the elections said more than 20 people, equal in weight to trump the figure is only one Joe Biden. Many see him as a successor of the policy of Barack Obama, who remains relatively popular with supporters of the Democrats.

While Biden himself, in spite of its popularity, puts forward a few new ideas that could appeal to voter. According to a supporter of trump, Republican Greg Weiner,

one of the problems of the Democratic party — its sharp roll to the left, which is not like many of the conservative “Reagan” Democrats.

“Democrats annoyed by absurd laws passed in the name of false political correctness and the protection of human rights,” says “Газете.Ru” Russian American Tatyana, who voted for trump and again is going to give him your vote.

Despite the rigidity of the trump measures against illegal migrants, they evoke sympathy in the electorate. According to a recent survey of the sociological Agency Morning Consult, a policy supported by 51% of voters. “The fact that he is trying to bring order to the migration, like voter. For illegals is the flow of drugs and people who have children, it is of great concern,” says a Republican Weiner.

The fight against illegal migration is one of the favorite themes of trump, he is promoting more and more initiatives in this area, despite the opposition of the Democrats. The President of the United States is trying to find a compromise with their opponents. He agreed to tighten checks gun buyers in exchange for the support of the Democrats of his measures to combat the flow of immigrants.

The topic of stricter gun control are similar to many Americans regardless of political views. This idea to heart by many voters-women, and it is actively used in campaign 2016, Hillary Clinton. It cannot be excluded that amendments will lead to a tightening of these checks will help Trump to win female voters, with whom he (and the Republican party as a whole) currently a lot of problems.

A survey conducted in the United States among working women who participate in elections and live in the suburbs of swing States has shown that the continuing trend of women to vote against members of the Republican party can be a problem for the President during the election campaign 2020

writes columnist for The Hill, Juan Williams.

The author notes that during the election campaign of 2016 to support white women helped Trump in the industrial States that comprise the so-called “rust belt” of America.

However, as a recent poll by the Associated Press, a survey of women in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Detroit, Denver and Milwaukee have shown that currently, they have a negative attitude to Trump for his statements. Commenting on the survey, the AP reports that women who have a positive attitude to economic changes when trump and even support his fight against illegal immigrants who feel uncomfortable with his statements, and unhappy with his surroundings.

Some experts believe that the Trump can help win the votes of the female electorate if he takes his team to a woman Vice-President. There is speculation that trump could replace the incumbent currently, Mike Pence, former US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. It is worth noting that with a woman for the Vice presidency went to the polls in 2008, the worst enemy of trump, Senator John McCain. His choice, however, was unsuccessful, his candidate — Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, initially adopted with sympathy, began to irritate the Americans.
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