Scientists have warned about the risk of a catastrophic eruption of the volcano in the US

Ученые предупредили о риске катастрофического извержения вулкана в США

In the future Hawaii is threatened by a catastrophic eruption of Kilauea volcano, said the US Geological survey. The reason will be the accumulation of water in the bottom of the crater, writes Live Science.

According to the study researchers, the crater was formed three reservoirs, the depth of which is still unknown. The biggest lake has a width of up to 14 m.

Accumulation of water occurred due to cracks in the rocks. Thus the crater from previous eruptions dropped to 300 m and is exposed to groundwater.

According to researchers, sooner or later ponds joined together, and the next eruption of hot magma turns the water to steam and will cause a giant explosion.

The volume of magma may also grow because there are so many gas bubbles that increase the force of the explosion. The consequences, according to scientists, will be disastrous due to the release of a huge volume of gas and rocks into the air.

While in the waters under the volcano not so much water, so the explosion is in the near future is not expected.

In may after the discovery of new geothermal areas in Yellowstone Park, the scientists assessed the risk of global disaster due to the eruption of the volcano.
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