This was not expected, “Putin’s Plan” brings down the US, their own weapons

USA are guilty, that gave Russia the opportunity.

Over the last few months the Central Bank of the Russian Federation buys each week from four to five tons of gold, writes in an article on the website N-TV journalist of the German TV channel Tungsten Weimar.

The risk seems to have been justified: in the course of this year gold has increased in price by 20% and thus gave the Russian Federation “the multibillion-dollar gift,” says the author.

As explained by journalist N-TV, elementary Putin wants to make Russia independent of the us dollar.

“As the dollar, according to Moscow, is used as a political weapon against the Russian Federation, gold is the perfect investment to protect themselves from dollar sanctions. While gold reserves rose sharply to record absolutely in the disposal of the Russian Central Bank US government bonds remained just in the amount of 12.8 billion dollars,” says Weimar.

At the same time, continues the author, as a result of abandoning the dollar in favor of gold Russia began to profit from every “trade skirmishes” with China, because the price of gold increases every time the heating up of Sino-us trade conflict.

Also, now for the benefit of Russia and is the policy of the President of the United States Donald trump’s “cheap money”, says the journalist of the German TV channel.

“The more Washington and the fed lowered interest rates, the more interesting gold as a global investment” — brings clarity Weimar.

Meanwhile, because of the actions of Moscow “gold fever” has gripped other countries. In particular, says the author, China increasingly large-scale selling of US treasuries and buys gold instead. Even Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Kazakhstan “suddenly began to copy this strategy.” In the first six months of 2019 Central banks, according to the World Gold Council, bought the altitude of 374.1 tonnes of gold, which has not happened for the last 19 years.

Thus, “Putin’s plan” to abandon the us dollar in favor of gold “is an example”. The head of the Kremlin to his “20-year anniversary of stay in power” spent “receiving skilled capitalist world”.

“He wants to beat USA with their own weapons” — sums up the journalist N-TV.

Translation of the article – Inotv.
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