“The Kremlin does not forgive weakness”, — the head of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen

On Friday, July 19, the French newspaper Le Monde and Le Figaro published an interview with Ursula Von Der Leyen, which on 16 July elected head of the European Commission. Former Minister of defence of Germany barely won the required majority of votes. This summer she needs to form a team. As Ursula Von Der Leyen is going to do it without having a Pro-European majority, how she sees the solution Bracito, relations with Russia and Turkey and is it realistic goal of creating a European army? On these and other questions, the politician said a number of European media.

On a question of journalists, whether it is necessary to take measures for the protection of Russian intervention. The European politician said that “Russia was and will remain our neighbor, but the Kremlin does not forgive weakness.” According to her, Europe should always show willingness to dialogue, but from a position of strength. “What concerns Russian influence through a social network, the best way to combat this is to identify and counteract the false information. This is the power of free countries with a free press,” — said the politician.

She also touched upon relations with Turkey. Whether the meaning of negotiations on its accession to the EU? — asked the journalists. The policy said that negotiations involve a process of modernization of candidates and adaptation to the EU, not the reverse. “Now I do not see that Turkey was going in this direction. The accession process is frozen and Ankara goes in the opposite direction.

Le Monde also asked Ursula Von Der Leyen, whether it considers the realistic creation of a European army. According to the head of the European Commission in the field of defence, the Europeans have made substantial progress: 25 countries United in a defensive Alliance, which has its own Fund. At the heart of this lies the idea of closer cooperation and coordination of forces to Europe if necessary was ready to act. The politician reminded that the Europeans were able five years ago to unite in carrying out the operation in Mali to ensure there safety. “The cooperation of the Germans with the Dutch or a French-Armenian brigade are examples of how the army develops the Europeans,” said Ursula Von Der Leyen.

Turning to the topic of Brekzita, Le Monde recalled that the two Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Jeremy hunt said that the agreement with the EU is unsustainable. “Ready to resume negotiations?” asked the newspaper. Ursula Von Der Leyen has stated that he prefers to await the appointment of the British Prime Minister, before you speak on this topic. At the same time, she believes that the agreement was good, agreed. “Breaksit without a contract would have negative consequences for the EU and for the UK not to mention Ireland. It is therefore important to do everything possible to achieve Brekzita with the agreement”, — the politician noted, stressing that a referendum on the issue is the internal affair of the UK. The head of evrokomissii also declined to comment on the attitude of Donald trump to Bracito. “Not for us to assess how the US and the UK organize their relations”, — said the politician.

Commenting on trump’s decision to withdraw from nuclear agreement with Iran, Ursula Von Der Leyen stressed that the EU faced with difficulties, but is crucial to the preservation of unity. “The population of the EU is 500 million we are the second economy in the world. We must realize our strength,” — said the head of the European Commission.

Le Monde reminds that against Ursula Von Der Leyen spoke of the German social-Democrats, however, voted for her ultra-conservative Polish party “law and justice” and anti-systemic political force in Italy’s “five star Movement”. The newspaper asked policy, not whether it finds problematic the fact that she doesn’t have a Pro-European majority that the head of the European Commission replied that the key for her is the presence of the majority that formed around the Pro-European program. At the same time, the politician reminded that during the two weeks failed to get a majority of votes, but she notes that during the debates in Parliament, including among the “green” have shown openness to cooperation.

The politician offered an ambitious plan on climate change, according to which by 2050, Europe needs to become the first continent without coal. The politician believes that it is necessary not only to make an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, but also to assist the countries of Central and Eastern Europe that are dependent on coal, to switch to the production of cleaner energy.

The newspaper also asked policy, as it will do if Italy offers EU Commissioner from the extremely right-wing party “League”. What European Commission President said that every country has the right to make suggestions and she doesn’t want to initially put forward preconditions, however she believes it is important that the ratio of women and men were equal.

European Commission President also touched on the immigration issue, which, in its opinion, will continue to exist for decades. It is possible through large-scale investments in Africa, the fight against crime, ensuring the security of the external borders and understand the General rules of granting political asylum.

Answering the question of Le Monde, what to do with those countries who do not want to accept refugees, the politician noted that it is necessary to hear the arguments of these countries and gave the example of Poland, which has agreed to take one and a half million citizens of Ukraine, where there is a hybrid war and where people continue to die. At the same time, Ursula Von Der Leyen said that the migration goods the EU needs to share and to show solidarity.
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