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Despite the developed economy, the United States is a world leader in such indicators as gross domestic product per capita naeleniya, which is used to determine the level of development.

In addition, in 2019 the greatest share of GDP owned only 1% of the wealthiest Americans, which testifies to the deep inequality in the distribution of social status. But what about in other countries?

The UK is 20th by GDP per capita — the share of each citizen in the amount of $45491.

The welfare of the residents increased over several decades, which, in particular, contributed to the growth in property prices, improving pensions and increasing the share of homeowners.

The richest region of the country is the South-East, the poorest — the North-East, while the bulk of social status belongs to people over the age of 60 years.

On 19-th line is France — $45586 per capita. In 2018, the country’s economy took the nominal parameters of the 6-th place in the world, and the main industries are energy, industry and technological industry, transport, agriculture and tourism. In January 2019, the minimum wage rate was increased to $11,24 per hour or $1705,7 per month.

Canada is located on the 18th line of the rating — the share of each citizen $48604 GDP, almost 70% of the service sector.

The country is also a leader in the production of electricity and export volumes play an important role in the industry, agriculture, extraction of natural resources and fisheries.

Little Belgium, despite the internal socio-political contradictions on a national basis, has a surprisingly strong economy — $49095 GDP per capita, and on this indicator it occupies 17-e a place in the world. The focus of the industry is the region between Antwerp and Brussels, and the main industries — metallurgy, steel, textiles, chemicals, glass, paper and processing of food raw materials. A characteristic feature is the dependence of international trade. .

And finally, in Hong Kong, an Autonomous territory of the people’s Republic of China, GDP per capita is $50216. Key sectors of the economy, ensuring its growth, financial services, tourism, trade and logistics. They contribute to the development and other spheres, which allows to reduce the level of unemployment.
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