Rare disease makes the man’s genitalia into the bone

Doctors from the Bronx has faced, according to them, one of the rare medical mysteries — the man’s penis literally turns into bone.

63-year-old man was walking along the path with a cane when dropped on the sidewalk on the buttocks and later went to the hospital with complaints of knee pain, — reported in the medical journal Urology Case Reports.

The man did an x-ray of the pelvis, to make sure he didn’t hurt the hip. In addition, he complained of pain in the penis, but no signs of inflammation on examination, the doctor discovered. However, studying the x-ray, the doctors made a stunning discovery.

Urology Case Reports. Unfortunately, the patient refused further treatment

“Extensive calcification in the region of the penis was clearly visible in the picture”.

The doctors say that the man probably suffers from “extremely rare” case of ossification or abnormal bone growth — when in the soft tissues accumulate calcium salts to form bone.

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According to the report, dosificaci the penis is a relatively rare condition that is often not even mentioned in specialized medical journals. Described fewer than 40 cases of transformation of the penis into the bone.

To their great regret, the staff of “Lincoln medical” are unable to continue the study of a rare case. They told the patient about the disease and offered treatment, but he left the hospital against the advice of doctors.

There are options for medical and surgical treatment of ecificatio of the penis depending on the degree of ossification and symptoms.

The man from the Bronx has a rare disease and his genitals turn into bone updated: August 10, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya

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